Just thought I'd post a revision I made to a prior list I had up on this forum.

So - I've made some changes to the a prior list inpart due to my Birthday which allowed me to get a couple more toys to play with - You will note it's gotten more Nurgly. As always Thought & Comments are welcome

HQ - Termi Lord w/MoN & Daemon Weapon - 165pts
Troop - 13x Plague Marines w/ 2x Plasma Guns, Champ w/ Combi Plasma & PwrFist - 379pts

(My thought is that the Terminator Lord was actually part of the squad above [#14] & that Nurgle blessed him with finding a perfectly rotten suit of Termi Armour he now wears along with the Daemon Weapon)

HVY - Vindicator w/ Daemonic Possession - 145pts
HVY - Vindicator w/ Daemonic Possession - 145pts
HVY - 2x Oblitz - 150pts

Fast - 8x Raptors w/ IoK, 2x Flamers, Champ has Pwr Weapon - 230pts

Elite - 5x Termis w/ MoT, 2x ChainFists, 1x Heavy Flamer, 1x Combi Flamer, others & champ have Lightning Claw pairs - 265pts

Troop - 7x Plague Marines w/ 2x PlasmaGuns, Champ has Pwr Weapon, Rhino - 256pts
Troop - 10x CSM's w/ IoCG, 2x MeltaGuns, Champ has CombiMelta & PwrFist, Rhino - 265pts

Hopefully This list is Fluffy enough for Nurgle while allowing the use of BLK LeGioN variety.

I know that in an ideal setting I would have 2 more Rhinos so I could have the foot slogging unit put into them but, alas those will have to wait until later.