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    1500 thousand sons

    Hi. I would like some comments on this 1500 points thematic list I plan to use for a friendly league. I am aware that probably some khorne zerkers would synergize with my army, but I prefer to run a more fluffy list. My intention was using a 1k sons heavy list, if possible including chaos terminators. For fluff reasons I gave them the tzeentch mark, but probably a 4+ inv save is a nice thing.

    Afraid of having too few melee capability, I included a pair of lesser summoned daemons units and a Defiler (which I intend to conver heavily to make it fit lore-wise, if at all possible).

    That said, this is the list. Feel free to improve it...

    Chaos Sorcerer MoTz, TermArm, Warptime, Bolt of Change 195
    Daemon Prince MoTz, Wings, Warptime, Doombolt 185

    Chaos Terminators x5 IoTz, DLC, 1xReaper, 3 combi-fusion 235

    Thousand Sons x8 Aspiring Sorcerer with Bolt of Change, Rhino 304
    Thousand Sons x8 Aspiring Sorcerer with Bolt of Change, Rhino 304
    Summoned Lesser Daemons 5 (you know the cost...)
    Summoned Lesser Daemons 5 (you know the cost...)

    Chaos Defiler 2x Extra CCW (you know the cost...)

    Total 1503 (it is ok for our league)

    I didn't include the costs of those units whose cost was just number x cost (I understood that from the forum rules).

    Btw, I had a pair of coubts about this army

    a) Can the Summoned Lesser Daemons hold objectives? I know they are troops and all that, but one of my friends argues that the "doesn't use an organization slot" disallows it

    b) What inv save do normal CSM with Icon of Tzeentch have? 5+ or 4+? The spanish codex is a bit ambiguous on this

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    Go with double Princes for sure. It really buffs your CC ability and draws fire off those Rhinos.

    Termies look good to me.

    Slap some Icons on your squads for the Termies, possibly on the Princes too.

    Keep the HF or the Reaper on the Defiler, it's good to have a backup gun. The Reaper can pop light tanks so you can charge the units inside and the HF is great before a charge, especially on big units that may bog you down.
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