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Thread: 1500pt CSM List

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    1500pt CSM List

    Daemon Prince - Wings, MoS, Lash
    Daemon Prince - Wings, MoN, Warptime

    5 Terminators - Icon of Chaos Glory, Hv Flamer + Chainfist, 4 x Combi-Weapons
    Dedicated Land Raider transport with Daemonic Possession

    10 CSM - champ with power fist + T-L Bolter (spare points), 2 x Meltaguns. Dedicated Rhino Transport
    5 Noise Marines - 4 sonic blasters + blastmaster
    5 Noise Marines - 4 sonic blasters + blastmaster

    Heavy Support:
    2 Oblits

    Whaddaya think? the noise marines will keep home objectives and provide fire support, hopefully never leaving cover

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    I like this but it's a little wonky right now.

    The HQs are good, pretty standard.

    Your Terminator unit is a little to expensive for this army. Usually with a 1-2 Land Raider list you want 2 Rhinos per land Raider to screen them from Meltas. I'd save this for a 1750 or 1850 list, right now you have more important needs.

    Good CSM unit, I'd consider Combi's on the Rhino. That's an under-used upgrade imo, makes Rhinos actually matter once the squad jumps out.

    The Noise Marines are good but I wish they had Rhinos. Right now they absolutely must have cover and that can restrict where they're deployed and what they can see. Give them a cheap Rhino to use as a bunker, if it blows up nor problem, your Marines were safe for a bit and your opponent wasted guns firing at a Rhino you don't need offensively.

    Grab a few personal icons if you're using Oblits, better safe than sorry if they have to DS.

    I'd grab another CSM unit over the Land Raider squad and dump the extra points into something, maybe demons, maybe more Heavy Support, like a Defiler to command shots off the Rhinos.
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