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    750pt Slaanesh (half of a doubles team with IG)

    For your consideration - this force is the (glass) hammer to an IG anvil for a doubles tourney. My partner will be rolling out a Guard artillery park - 2 Leman Russes, a Manticore, a couple of Chimeras and so on, and my role will be to go forward to threaten objectives and apply assault pressure (and to counter-assault).

    I'm trying to stick with a strong Slaanesh theme.

    Sorcerer: Mark of Slaanesh, jump pack, Lash (accompanies Raptors)

    6 Noisemarines: + noise champion w power weapon, doomsiren + rhino w combi-melta
    6 Noisemarines: + noise champion w power weapon, doomsiren + rhino w combi-melta

    6 Raptors: Icon of Slaanesh, Melta, Flamer, aspiring champion + power weapon

    With a bit of shoving I could put in a Slaan DP rather than the sorcerer, but my concern is that as a single monstrous creature it will tend to attract a killing amount of firepower early.

    This alternative list adds my lads into the gunline, but I'm concerned it slows them down for seizing/threatening objectives later on:

    Sorcerer: Mark of Slaanesh, terminator armour, Lash

    3 terminators: Icon of Slaanesh, 1 powerfist, 1 heavy flamer, 1 champ + twin lightning claws

    6 noisemarines: 5 sonic blasters, blastmaster + rhino w havoc launcher
    6 noisemarines: 5 sonic blasters, blastmaster + rhino w havoc launcher


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    Right off, You should instead take a Daemon Prince with Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, and Lash. They're monsters in melee, can pop vehicles, move as jump infantry, relocate enemy troops, and just generally wreck shop.

    If you're hell-bent on Slaanesh, the first list is a better place to start. The terminators you have are too varied, and too fragile for that reason; if you build a terminator squad, the squad should be build to a purpose. Popping tanks? Take meltas. Mass-slaughter of hordes? Take flamers. Enemy MEQ armies? Lightning claws and melee monsters. that squad loses all of its potency in an area if one of your units falls. If you want to take terminators, take a different squad.

    Blastmaster is overpriced, for what you get, imo. Also, power fists, especially in low count, are your friends. You attack @ I1, which sucks, but you're rolling in with a power weapon that gets 2 atks, 3 on the charge, @ S8. This also means that you have a chance to damage armor. Rhinos should crack pretty easily, though not so much walkers and land raiders. There should be some instant-death action thereabouts. I'm not sure of the specifics of the other two sonic weapons, but I hope this helps.

    Also, if you want to hold objectives, plague marines are much better suited to the task.

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