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    1000 point Khorne/Slaanesh list

    Khorne Wave

    Prince of Chaos w/Daemonic Gaze, Iron Hide

    Slaanesh Wave

    Herald of Slaanesh w/transfixing gaze (attached to one Daemonette squad)
    10*Daemonette w/transfixing gaze
    10*Daemonette w/transfixing gaze
    6*Seeker w/transfixing gaze

    +chaos icon or two

    Basic idea goes like this:

    - If I face a shooty army I'll throw in the Khornites first because they have the toughness and wounds to suck up the firepower before they can get to close-combat. Reserved Slaaneshis get in easier afterwards and wipe up whats left.

    - If I face a assaulty army I'll do another way around. Due to Aura of Aquiescense and lot of transfixing gazes daemonettes can tie up stuff into combat and survive the experience even if enemy happens to get off a few assaults first. All those hellblades coming out of reserves will then just walk into close-combat and give some power-weapon goodness to enemy.

    There you go, rip it apart with comments, suggestions and "it-won't-work-becauses"

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    HQ: Drop transfixing gaze. Generally no one apart from gensteelers or banshees will be assaulting daemonettes and with all those high initialtve rending attacks you should win most combats. Take Pavine and a chariot for the herald and use it to drag victims closer to get more units in assault. In effect it gives your units an extra fleet move.

    Elites: Take all the upgrades in the crushers to allow you to allocate wounds and keep more models alive. It's very useful to fail 4 saves and take the wounds but because of allocation you remove no models! Crushers are also very tough and a good place to protect an icon.

    Troops: Good but ditch transfixing gaze.

    Fast: Feinds are better

    Heavy: Ok. MoS + pavine may be good here as the prince is BS5! Hide and grenades are also needed and gaze is a nice power for not to many points.
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    if you want seekers get more

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