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    2000 point list revision.

    trying to improve my list, thought I've only played a couple of games with my CSM (only just got them painted and based) I'm already looking at trying other things. I was running 3 oblits in place of the defiler and a lash prince instead of the sorcerer. obviously that ate up more points and my troop choices suffered as a result. Now i'm trying to balance it up so my troops are more useful and add to the danger of teh list, rather than being units that just spend the game hiding and hoping to survive.

    sorcerer (slaanesh - lash - familiar - warptime)
    demon prince (nurgle - warptime - wings)

    Land raider (Extra Armour)
    9 terminators (2x chainfist - slaanesh)

    vindicator (demonic possession)
    vindicator (demonic possession)

    9 Khorne Berzerkers (Aspiring Champion - Power Fist)

    6 Plague marines (2x meltaguns - power fist)

    10 CSM (lascannon / missile - icon of chaos glory)
    Rhino (havoc launcher)

    dead on 2000.

    Termies are foot slogging. I did have 10 and 2 autocannons, but i figure they'll be more of an urgent threat if they're just running every turn. The autocannons will kill 2 guy if i'm lucky each turn, so getting them into my opponents face quicker (and thereby making them more of a target priority) seems the better option.

    Since the termies are footslogging, the LR is empty. I'll deploy the zerkers next to them and they'll comandeer it, making best use of it being an assault vehicle.

    Scorcerer runs with the plague marines and looks to lash targets either towards the LR for the zerkers to assault or just to gather for the vindis or defiler to drop large blasts on. warptime, force weapon and the fist in with the plague marines should mean they can hold their own in combat against most things which arent pimped combat squads, but their main duty for the first few turns are lash and melta.

    Demon prince is largely a fire magnet, so is fairly cheap. I've been running a tzeentch prince with warptime and wind, and while it's awesome when it comes off (esp with lash to set it up), it's 30 more points and he has been gunned down by bolters. T6 will make that alot harder, while making him more resilient in assault and keeping warptime means he's almost certain to kill people or tanks.

    The vanilla CSM squad is obviously a deep sitter, and objective/base holder just looking to drop havoc blasts and hope for a lucky long range lascannon shot.

    Defiler does what defilers to, run up, drop blasts and smash things into the ground. the inherent possession is awesome and with all DCCWs it's a fair few attacks which pose a threat to tanks, infantry and MCs alike.

    The Vindi's roam and look to find tasty targets from lash, or batter enemy armour with their ordnance. In my experience so far these tend to be the first thing to get shot at, possession means that my opponent can't just be satisfied with a shake/stun, and that's great for taking more shots than it would otherwise take to neutralise their threat for a turn.

    The general plan is target priority saturation. I want to give my opponent so many things that he really really wants to kill by turn 2 that (a) he simply can't do it, and (b) he's more likely to pick the 'wrong' option.

    At it's core it's a list built to bring pain.. any ideas on how i can bring more?

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    HQ: Nurgle Prince is great. Sorceror is better replaced with a lash prince.

    Elites: Footslogging termies I would definately take IoT instead. Also kit them all out with combiplasmas. If they get to 12" range they can completely shredd an enemy unit for 45 points. Then look for someone to charge the turn after. Lash can of course bring a victim unit towards them and ensure it is out of cover.

    Troops: Berserkers are fine. Combimeltas work well on rhinos. The CSM unit needs 2 meltas and a PF with IoCG in a rhino. If you need a fire supporting home objective sitter then take 6 PMs with 2 plasmas only or 6-8 noise marines with sonic blasters.

    Heavy: Good. I have turned against possession on vindicators recently. On the LR it can work well as everything is twin linked.
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