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    (hopefully) competitive 1750 World Eaters


    Abbadon the despoiler (my converted lord), hitches a ride with the berzerkers


    8 khorne berzerkers, champ with sword, 198 (lord goes here with the raider)

    8 khorne berzerkers, champ with fist, rhino- 243

    8 khorne berzerkers, champ with fist, rhino- 243

    8 noise marines (modeling them as khorne havoks), 6 with blasters, and 1 with a blastmaster, champ with a doom siren- 260

    Heavy Support

    Vindicator, d.p.- 145

    Vindicator, d.p.- 145

    Land Raider, d.p.- 240

    Total- 1749

    My plan is to take the land raider and vindicators and charge straight at the enemy while the 2 rhinos with berzerkers flank the enemy (hard to ignore abaddon and 8 berzerkers on the charge out of an assault vehicle), the noise marines will stay near any home objective and take a good firing position. They are very powerful when assaulted with their 2 attacks and I5 and a doom siren to discourage hordes that survived the barrage of shots so i am not worried about protecting them.

    Criticism is greatly appreciated, as i am not a veteran player i am glad to heed the advice of one

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    Abby, as powerful as he is, costs too much for games under 2000 points, I'd replace him with a Daemon Prince with wings and Mark of Khorne (if staying fluffy) or a Daemon Prince with wings and Warptime. I'm also not a fan of Vindicators, preferring Defilers as they have better range and can participate in CC.

    In my opinion, home objective squatters in any marine army is a waste of points as Marines are far too expensive to just have sit around all game, it's not like swarm armies where a billion Gaunts only costs 50 points (a bit of an exageration I know). For these guys, I'd either swap them with another Powerfist led Berzerker squad in a Rhino, or use Noise Marines with no Sonic Blasters or Blastmaster and give the Champ a Power Weapon, or 10 basic CSM with champ and fist, 2 meltas and a Rhino.

    As a reference point, the 1700 point World Eaters army I used to take first place in a local tourny last month was:
    Daemon Prince with wings and MoK
    Chaos Lord with Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon
    3 squads of 8 Berzerkers, champ with powerfist and 2 Rhinos
    Land Raider for lord and 1 squad of berzerkers
    2 Defilers
    2 Dreads with Missile Launcher and Heavy Flamer
    World Eaters: W-47 D-10 L-9
    Necrons: W-19 D-3 L-2
    Protectorate of Menoth: W-36 D-0 L-7

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