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    In need of a power gaming Death Guard List!!!!

    I am having a mini tournament against my friends and they use very competitive lists. So i want to surprise them by having the cheesiest and broken list possible. i am playing 1850pts Death guard and as i said want to have a power gaming list. This is the list i was going to use:

    Demon Prince - MOS, Wings, LOS
    Demon Prince - MOS, Wings, LOS

    3 Termies- 3 combi meltas

    7 Plague Marines - Rhino, Champion, PF, 2X Plasma guns
    7 Plague Marines - Rhino, Champion, PF, 2X Meltaguns, Personal icon
    7 Plague Marines - Rhino, Champion, PF, 2X Flamers
    6 Plague Marines - Champ, PF, 2x plasma

    3 Obliterators
    3 0bliterators

    P.S The termies are to DS in on there side blow up a vital tank/ kill a vital unit and then die!

    I you can make this even more powerful and broken let me know!

    i am meant to put soething clever and cool in this box, But do you know what i really cant think of anything at all. LOL <-----sums me up very well

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    7 plague marines x 2
    2 meltas
    7 plague marines
    2 x flamers
    4 X rhinos
    10 X chaos space marines,
    chaos glory icon
    Power weapon
    2 x melta
    2 x Daemon prince 220
    Slaanesh 10
    Lash of submission 40
    wings 40

    2 obliterators
    2 obliterators
    2 obliterators

    1848 points

    So basically the thought of this list (other then to piss off everyone around you and to radiate cheese for the rest of your life) is to pop open the transports, then lash them together where you want them. For added benefit if you want to go further you switch one of the three squads of plague marines with khorne beserkers with a power weapon.

    What you want to do is throw units that you dont want to fight just yet (thunderhammer stormshield termi's) behind a building 2D6 with lash, and throwing units you DO want to kill either in little piles for plasma cannons on the obliterators, or assualting, or shooting when you have too.

    Right now, this is one of the most powered chaos list, double lash and oblits with plague marines holding objectives. While having three squads of obliterators is more killpoints, it gives you the added flexibility of shooting at different targets with different weapons. Lash of submission is your friend if you want to play the cheese lists, Honestly i'm all about the khorne beserkers

    Termies are not really a competetive choice for chaos... even as a suicidal unit

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