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    1500 thousand sons list

    Hi everyone. I know from time to time somebody comes with the same idea of a list, but I would really appreciate some comments on this list. Specially about its viability.

    Obviously, it's fluff-wise based on a 1k sons contingent. The only weird thing is the single Obliterator, but I feel like I need the AT long range support. I guess I have some conversion work to do if I want to keep in fluff.

    Chaos Sorcerer. MoT, TermArm, Warptime, Bolt of Change 195
    Daemon Prince. MoT, Wings, Warptime, Bolt of Change 200

    Chaos Terminators.
    5x. 1x DLC, 4x CF, 3x combimelta, 1xReaper 240

    Thousand Sons Squad.
    8x Rubrics, Aspiring Sorc w/ Doombolt, meltabombs and personal icon, on a Rhino w/ combimelta 309.
    Thousand Sons Squad. 8x Rubrics, Aspiring Sorc w/ Doombolt, meltabombs and personal icon, on a Rhino w/ combimelta 309.

    Heavy Support:
    Chaos Defiler.
    1x Extra CCW, 1x Reaper. 150
    Obliterator. 75

    TOTAL: 1478

    I am unsure what to spend the 32 leftover points. I guess I could get another rubric, or maybe 2 removing something else. Or perhaps remove the DLC termie and ger another Obliterator (more cheese!).

    I am worried about the lack of CC capability. I hope my termies, DP and Defiler can cover that, but I am worried about it. On the other hand, I am feeling confident on the short-range firepower, specially against MEQ.

    Any suggestion other than including a squad of Zerkers or Plaguies?

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    well, since you already have one mercenary(the oblit) why not have a few more?

    In my 1k sons army I'm gonna have a 10-man non-rubric thousand sons squad... (regular CSMs)

    ...just haven't decided what makes more sense:

    #1 They weren't planetside when the rubric was cast...

    #2 They are some of the "promising cultists" that the fluff speaks about Ahriman taking with him. Theoretically they could be inducted with the geneseed or something...

    #3 Lost in the warp back in the heresy, recently "came back"...

    But I'm also gonna have a Fallen Dark Angel pre-heresy jump pack squad, hehe...

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    I'd change the Termies to be equipped with 1x chainfist, 1x heavy flamer and 4x combi-plasmas, this should free up some points to remove Doombolt from your Aspiring Sorcs and add Warptime to help their CC. Now, I'd also look at removing the Termie Lord and trying to fit another squad of troops in, as 2 just isn't enough for 1500 point games.
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