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    2k army list no specific god... need help.

    Daemon prince, wings, mark of Slaneesh, Lash 155

    5 chosen, icon of chaos glory, 4 meltaguns, rhino 175
    5 chosen, icon of chaos glory, 4 flamers, rhino, 155

    10 chaos space marines, champ with fist, 2 meltaguns, icon of chaos glory, rhino 255

    9 Khorne bezerkers, champ with power sword 219

    9 Khorne bezerkers, champ, rhino 239

    7 plague marines, champ with power fist, 2 plasma guns, rhino 266

    Heavy support:
    2 obliterators 150

    2 obliterators 150

    Land raider, extra armor 235

    so zerkers go in raider and lead the assault with the daemon prince behind the raider and on one side I have a rhino with zerkers in it, on the other i have the chaos space marines in a rhino. The plague marines stay behind and hold objectives while the chosen outflank and burn stuff and pop tanks. the obliterators walk around coming in and out of cover and takinbg shots at units that have been lashed and destroying tanks/MC'S with there lascannons.

    Any help to make a better army list would be very appreciated.

    Thank You in advance,

    Aussie ninja.

    Last edited by aussieninja; November 6th, 2010 at 22:08. Reason: forgot to put points cost for plague marines

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    HQ: Classic.

    Elites: If you use these as infiltrators then ok but they won't last long and the rhino means they will have to use outflank. If you just use them to drive normally up the table then replace them for havocs with the same kit but you save 3 points per model. I would drop them for troops. By adding a combimelta to the champ and rhino you get 4 special weapons in the squad, If the squad is PMs you can still take 2 meltas in a 5 man unit. Yes the combimelts can only fire once but your chosen squads will only fire once as well. With all that firepower and no meatshields chosen become the juicyest target in your army. Would you allow them to fire a second time if the roles were reversed?

    Troops: Good. Get PW in both berserker units.

    Heavy: Fine, some people prefer possession over extra armour on LRs as all the weapons are twin linked anyway.
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