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    2250 Nurgle List

    Thought I'd share a list that has been doing VERY well for me and plan on taken this list to tournes.

    2243 Nurgle Marine Army List "Zombie Land"
    175 DP- wings, MoN, Warptime
    175 DP- wings, MoN, Warptime
    246 PM- x7 PF, champ, Combi-melta, melta, melta, icon
    281 PM- x7 PF, champ, Combi-melta, melta, melta, icon, rhino
    281 PM- x7 PF, champ, plasma, plasma, icon, rhino
    281 PM- x7 PF, champ, plasma, plasma, icon, rhino
    269 Lesser Daemons(zombie Models in the works) x20
    145 Vindi- D. poss
    145 Vindi- D. poss
    245 Land Raider- D. poss

    This army gives me STRONG staying power and I can utilize multiple different variants of "rhino rush/wall" and "spear head" strats. The fire power alone of two Vindi's and a land raider comming from a CSM army does and will put fear into most opponets. 20 lesser daemons equates into 60 space marine attacks on the charge Ive killed more standard HQ units with this squad than I can count and this unit can overwelm the strongest of swarm units. If the LDs gets deployed prematurely they make for a hell of a objective grabber on home turf.

    Army boosts an amazing 76 troop models NOT including 2 Monster DPs.
    4 power fists
    6 melta guns
    4 plasma guns
    2 str 10 pie plates in the face
    1 Tough as nails Land Raider
    and enough points left over to add a second pintle weapon were I deem fit.

    If only GW granted a free Special Character to be included into your army over 2000pts Typhus would be very happy in this armies Land Raider.

    Personally I pefer plasma's over melta its always been my peferred strat. So i have been playing around with up too 3 squads in the rhinos boasting 2 plasma's that way Point wise a champ with combi melta and 2 melta's in squad equals same points as a squad with just two plasma.

    The Land raider unit with PMs inside is a bit expensive this I know, I actually intended this unit to be more so of a decoy unit/shield for DPs and everything else. Most of my opponets heavy weapons will probly go to trying to take this bad boy out first. AV14 with D. poss is no laughing matter they would have not only penitrate AV14 but also not roll a 1 or 2, weapon destroyed is of no huge consiquence there are 2 twin linked lascannons and a twin linked heavy bolter to choose from. If they immobilize it well it becomes a AV14 bunker with all weapons pointed down range either way unless they roll a 5 or 6 it will still do its job. There will still be unscaythed str 10 pie plates to the face. And two monster DPs unmolested.

    These are other units I have for replacements etcs
    1 Greater daemon converted from a Bloodthirster into a GD of nurgle
    20 in the works zombies with parts from multiple kits
    2 unpainted fully converted defilers
    2 unpainted fully converted dread nuaghts
    1 Typhus
    3 spwans
    1 rhino
    20 CSMs waiting to be called upon with all the bits for any configuration
    3 obliterators
    5-8 termies im thinking about converting into more obliterators
    Enough fully painted PMs to fill in for any melta/plasma exchanges

    Tell me what you think all crits and advise are welcomed

    Last edited by Momento Mori; November 10th, 2010 at 22:07.

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    Looks great. I would split the daemons into 2 units of 10.

    Move combimeltas from the champions onto the rhinos. This allows you to have a pot shot with the rhino melta and if it kills the tank the squad can fire at someone else. On other turns your rhinos can fire a TL and an ordinary bolter too. Combimeltas on rhiinos can also enourage the enemy to fire at empty rhinos or risk loosing one of his tanks. this keeps your vindicators alive longer.
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