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    Senior Member Renosaurus's Avatar
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    20 (x2)

    2K competitive play

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to ask your oppinion on this list.

    4 termi's 205
    2 dual lightning claws, 2 chainfists, IoT
    termi HQ 150
    MoS, Blissgiver, termi armour
    landraider 225

    2* 5 marines 120
    1 meltagun, Rhino 120

    9 chosen 252
    2 plasma, 2 melta, 1 flamer, rhino

    2*8 marines 225
    2 plasma, ac+pf, rhino 225

    daemon prince 175
    wings, MoN, Warptime

    2* defiler 300
    All cc arms

    Basicly, it's an "in your face" playstyle army. The DP, landraider and 2 regular squads of marines rush forward as fast as they can, while the defilers walk in the second line charge, every turn walking +- 6" and shooting.
    Meanwhile, on their rear, chosen come in from reserve, hopefully killing a tank/squad.

    Later on, the last marine squads arive to claim objectives, or do the mob up.

    That's all there is to it. I'm interested to hear what you think.

    The best thing about chaos, is your opponent's face when he looks at your disgusting Plague marines

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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    951 (x8)

    HQ: Prince is great. I would drop the lord for another termie to add to the unit and save a good 110 points.

    Elites: Add a HF to a termie to help them thin out hordes before the charge. Drop the chosen and use the models to boost your troops.

    Troops: 5 man squads are poor and quite expensive when you buy a rhino for each unit. 8 man squads cannot have 2 special weapons, they need to be 10 strong. With the points from the HQ and chosen take 3 or 4 10 man squads in rhinos with 2 meltas or plasmas and a PF champ. Then get IoCG or risk the morale tests and take IoK.

    Heavy: LR is fine, Extra armour may be useful to help deliver the passengers. Defilers are great.
    Quorn! - Protein for the Protein God.

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    Member Dave the Barbarian's Avatar
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    37 (x1)

    Take Mad Cat's advice.

    Just to support some things he said, though, Loyalists might get away with smaller troop squads, but Chaos really can't. Small Loyalist squads is all the more reason for us to take 10-strong, too, and mop them up in close combat.

    Secondly, the Chosen squad you set up really doesn't have any coherency. If Chosen are taken (which they rarely are), they should all serve one purpose. I like a squad with 4 plasma guns, for instance. That can outflank, and do some nice damage for a turn or two. Never mix special weapons, though.

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