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    1750 black legion competitive : need help

    Hi, I just started CSM and I made a list with all the figs I got. I tried to make a competitive list (1750 points tournament next weekend). But It was just a "theorical" list. I never played them.

    What do you think of the list and the best way to use it? Thanks for your help.


    Deamon prince (lash, wings, MoS)


    4 terminators (3 combi-melta, 1 heavy flamer, 1 chain fist)

    8 chosen (ac with power fist, 2 flammers, 2 meltas, IoK)


    7 plague marines (ac with power fist, 2 plasma, rhino)

    8 berzerkers (ac with power fist, rhino)

    10 csm (ac with power fist, 2 meltas, IoS, rhino)


    2 obliterators

    1 defiler

    1 vindicator

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    Welcome to Chaos!

    The list you've got there is maybe a little unfocused, but not that bad - definitely usable. If this is based on models you purchased, and you really don't have a lot to switch out, I'd say just stick with what you've got, and learn to use these units for a few games. Discover what style you particularly enjoy, and then alter your list in that direction down the line.

    Just a few tips for how to play things out:
    - Your Plague Marines will be your home objective campers. Keep them near/on that objective the whole game. Use their Rhino to get them there first of all, and then to block line of sight from any nasty battle cannons, or other long range that Plague Marines hate.
    - Oblits should get parked on the backfield, and used as range support behind the Plague Marines.
    - Your Defiler and Vindi should rush up the field, supported by Berserkers, and the standard CSM. The Daemon Prince should follow behind the vehicles as cover until he can get into melee. The Lash should also be used to pull enemy squads into clumps for the Vindi and Defiler's templates.
    - Terminators deep strike in where needed (best if off the IoS so they don't scatter).
    - Chosen should outflank to take out heavy weapons teams, or blobs of troops protecting your opponent's home objective.

    Besides the Chosen, this is fairly standard for the way Chaos goes about things. The big thing to learn is target priority, and timing things so your DP and Berserkers get the charge. Good luck!

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