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    Death Guard competative help!!

    After many saddening defeats I feel it is about time I wrote a serious army list and stopped faffing about with ubėr hammer squads (10 chosen terminators of khorne with lightning claws for example, yeah 50 attacks basic) or my hilarious spawnorifics. For this army I would like to get some help though, and maybe some tactical advice.

    So: the army in question is death guard, I've never really liked nurgle and never got the grasp of why there appears to be so many death guard players in these forums but upon reading further and opening my eyes (backround in codex: Daemons had a large part to play too) I can't say I blame you, so please if you will, I'd like to hear genuine effective 1,500/2,000pt lists and tactics from all you rotted champions of Grandfather Nurgle in the hopes his pestilant glory may too infect me.

    As a basis I am very much keen on focusing on Typhus and a 5 terminator honour guard, 4 claws and a chainfist-flamer squad I was thinking.
    (also I'll be playing a battlfeet gothic/w40k glactic conquest campaignwith these guys, the Terminus Est WILL be appearing with him )
    thank you

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    I wouldnt exactly say death guard is competative as in a will win you many tournaments list but Death Guard can be built into a solid all comers list.

    The basis for most Solid builds with deathguard under 1500-2k is a list built around this core at 1500pts.

    2x DP,wings, MoN, warptime or (nurgles rot/no power at all)

    3x squads of 7 PMs with P.fists and melta's or plasma's in a rhino each

    2x Vindicators with D. poss
    2x defilers
    2x 2 obliterator squads

    and about 50 points left over if your DPs have warptime if DPs have no powers than close to 100 points left over.

    50 points u can add plenty of toys to your rhinos
    100~ points if you decide not to give DP psyc powers you might be able to squeeze in a termacide unit which is the route id go.

    Taking this list even farther up too 2k first add in a 4th PM squad that what ever else you want.

    With this for your core army at 1500 pts you should have a better than avg DG build.
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    That's basically it. Death Guard seems to be one of the more common CSM lists these days, since it can be quite tough. I'm not really a tournament guy, but it can be competitive if played right. Mix in some not-entirely-fluffy for Death Guard stuff (Oblits, Berserkers), and you can have some real fun.

    And, while Typhus and Termies seems like such a good idea (it was a better idea last codex, since we still had retinues), it's a ton of points, and Typhus can just get picked out in melee and insta-death'd. Consider if you're deep striking them, you've got over 400 points arriving unreliably - not good. They're a little better delivered by a Land Raider, but then you've got a unit over 600 points! They'll kill a unit or two, and mostly never earn their points back. A slight improvement is to run Typhus in a LR with either Berserkers, or a 2x flamer Plague Marine squad. Then you've got some scoring potential, at least, but again, they're very pricey.

    Running Termies (sans Typhus) in a competitive DG list usually involves a small 3-man squad with combi-meltas and a chainfist, or a larger 5 - 6-man squad with combi-plas/melta aplenty, a chainfist, and a HF or RAC. I even put a IoN on a 6-man squad sometimes. They're my anti-MC/transport guys. Both of these set-ups would be DS'd in - off an icon where possible. The larger squad is not an optimal use of points, but in bigger games, it can be fun.

    Basic tactics for the army as a whole are slightly less assault-y than vanilla CSM. Your troops, and DPs are rather resilient, and Plague Marines like to rapid fire and receive a charge instead of charging themselves against armies that won't shoot them to death (since they have defensive grenades). As with other armies, you want to make sure to support your units as best you can (while tough, nothing in the list is a total solo unit). They're great for objective games if you focus most of your army on holding the center of the table throughout.

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