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    1750 FateCrusher

    Looking at this for my 40k army, which is supposed to be competitive but more fun then my Skaven army, which is my primary ass kicking force.

    The Masque


    6 Fiends

    5 Bloodcrushers w/ Icon, Musician and Fury
    5 Bloodcrushers w/ Icon, Musician and Fury

    5 Horrors w/ Bolt
    5 Horrors w/ Bolt
    5 Horrors w/ Bolt
    5 Horrors w/ Bolt
    5 Horrors w/ Bolt
    5 Horrors w/ Bolt and Changeling

    Fast Attack
    5 Screamers

    Pretty basic FateCrusher list. Usual Preferred Wave would be Masque, 1 Crusher unit, Fiends, Weaver and either 2 Horrors or 1 Horror and the Screamers.

    Basic plan is drop the Crushers, then Weaver and bundle everything near him. Crushers spread to block any charges and give the Fiends cover. Horrors and Weaver try to bust a vehicle just to limit offensive output.

    Once the first salvo is weathered, I move in for the kill. Crushers with re-rolls are insanely hard to bring down, especially if I can get them a 4+ cover. Fiends try to multi-assault armor or infantry while Crushers go for the hardest CC unit and hold them up all day.

    In the case of my 2nd wave, I just play defensively. Crushers try to hide and stay alive to make a wall for Fateweaver later, or go on the offensive if I think there's a worthy trade for them.

    The Masque is just a problem solver for the lists weaknesses. Dreadnoughts can be spun around to Bolt Rear Armor, units can be pulled out of cover, HW Teams can be moved to lose LoS etc.

    Overall if I get my Preferred Wave I can do well against any army, and if I get my 2nd Wave it's an uphill battle. Pretty much how Demons roll.

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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    You need some more melee units. You need bigger troop choices. Unless you know its not objective based. YOu are trying to MIN/MAX your units specifically and you will get beat down real nice for it.

    Here are my suggestions:
    - Masque sucks
    - Put unholy might on the fiends
    - bring crushers down to 4 man squads
    - Increase Horror squad size
    - Insert some blood letter squads at least 9 strong
    - No princes or soul grinders? you realize that str 8 isn't good at punching armour 13+ and is average against 12?
    - Why in gods name would you not drop fateweaver in wave 1?
    - please play some fate crusher games against competitive lists. you will see for yourself where you need improvement.
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