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    1750pt Competitive Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons (Feedback Please)

    I’m working on a Pre-Heresy Night Lords army at the moment and a friend of mine has decided to join in on the fun and build a pre-heresy Thousand Sons army. We looked at a few codexes such as the BA & SW that allow you to deploy 4 to 5 psykers but overall decided that the Chaos Codex was better fluffwise.

    So here is the list we’ve come up with so far, were both competitive players so we like to balance our fluff with game effectiveness.

    175 - Daemon Prince:
    Wings, MOT and Warptime.
    (Magnus The Red leading the charge, DP always a solid choice, sorcerers are just too expensive)

    130 - 3 Terminators:
    3 Combi-Meltas, Chainfist Champion
    130 - 3 Terminators: 3 Combi-Meltas, Chainfist Champion
    (Deep Striking Saboteurs and distractions)

    220 - 10 Chaos Marines:
    2 Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Champion with Power Fist, Chaos.
    45 - Rhino: Combi-Melta

    220 - 10 Chaos Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Champion with Power Fist, Chaos.
    45 - Rhino: Combi-Melta

    269 - 9 Thousand Sons: Champion with Bolt Of Change (or warptime?)
    45 - Rhino: Combi-Melta
    (He was thinking of all chaos marines troops but I felt he had to have at least 1 Thousand Sons unit or in this case veteran wizard squad in his army)

    150 - 2 Obliterators
    150 - 2 Obliterators
    150 - 2 Obliterators

    (Good long ranged support, he plans to convert sorcerers casting spells to represent his obliterators)

    Total Pts: 1729
    Total No: 40 (3)
    Kills Pts: 12

    Overall I feel it could be a good list with the terminators deep striking, DP & Rhinos advance and obliterators providing support. But I feel it can be improved, also not sure where to put the remaining 21 pts?

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    1) Get rid of the BoT from your aspiring sorcerer. This is useless. If you fire a tank the rest of your thousands son shots will be useless. If you fire an infantry squad your sorcerer will kill one guy. Is it worth? Buying doombolt is the best choice.
    2) I would throw 2 obliterators and instead add a Defiler. More long-range firepower that can be very useful against infantry.
    3) These 6 terminators do not really worth their points since they can be easily killed by extensive shooting . Thus, have you considered that with all this deep striking units, your army will be divided and can be exterminated by a smart player (easy kill points-not solid)? Vulnerable to reserve game lists (Eldar,DarkEldar,SpaceMarines,Tyranids). You can't predict where to place your units , since the opponent's reserve game doesn't give you the chance to.
    I would advice you to get rid of the terminators, and instead add an obliterator (squads of 3-2) and a 2nd DaemonPrince with the same upgrades.
    lastly, you have about 40+ points to spend(e.g. extra armors, dozer blades, plasmapistols etc.).

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