So my local store is holding a fun 500pts limit tourny. The rules are pretty simple:
1+ Troops
0-1 of HQ, Elites, Fast and Heavy's
All units can hold an objective, not just troops.

I have played around with a couple list, but I think I have come up with one just not sure if I need to bother with any shooting and nock down a few PB's.
Here goes:


165pts GUO w/ CoF


120pts x8 Plaguebearers


215pts DP w/ MoN, Wings, IH, NT, CoF

500pts Total

My waves will really depend on my opponents army, I am thinking of having the GUO and the PB's as primary and deep strike them right close to the enemy. Most armies will not have enough firepower to really make to much of a dent into them. And it will make them panic which causes mistakes to happen. Then the DP swooping in later to mop up and pick off fleeing units. For 500pts it might be a little mean, but hey it's a tourny. Right?

Any ideas or comments are welcome.