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    2000 Points Army to Battle against Cheese!

    Hey All,

    In 2 weeks time I will be hosting my by-quarterly gaming weekend where I host a round robin tournament against 4 other players (sometimes called friends depending on if I win or not ).

    Now all of these players build an army list for one purpose and one purpose only.....to win and win big.

    I will be playing against a Nid, CSM, SM and Necron armies, all of which, I must say, the word CHEESE....comes to mind.

    CSM uses duel prince with lash, duel defiler, unit of oblits.
    Nids uses 3 trygons and few tervigons as troops choices.
    Necron uses 2 monolith with 3 units of 5 destroyers.
    SM can't remember..

    So as you can see I have my work cut out for me.

    One thing I will put out there is, I love Daemonic Gaze on DP's. With a BS of 5 and an weapon AP of 3, that's just a winning combination. It has always worked extremely well for me. In my last few tournaments, I ran a very similar list and beat the CSM and SM player. The Nids and Necron players got me...( It was against me from the very beginning in those 2 games, didn't get preferred wave and keep rolling bad for reserves).

    So here is my 2000 point list. Game and board type is decided on the day which can change from game to game.

    4 x Herald of Tzeentch with MOS, WAL, Bolt and Chariot
    3 x 6 Fiends with Might ( I love fiends more then life it's self, never have failed me )
    1 x 10 Horrors with Changeling ( 30 shots baby )
    1 x 10 Horrors
    1 x 7 Plaguebearers
    1 x 6 Plaguebearers
    3 x DP with MOT, Bolt and Daemonic Gaze

    That it, 2000 on the button.

    1st Wave
    4 x Heralds, 2 x Horrors , 1 x DP

    2nd Wave
    2 x DP, 3 x fiends, 2 x PB

    This army will provide me with 7 Str 8, AP 1, and 21 Str 5, AP 3 shots. I find Daemonic Gaze works great at dropping MC's down a few notches.

    Let me know what you think or if you have encountered similar opponents, then some insight to what worked for you will be greatly appreciated.

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    good luck,

    The list looks like every nasty ard boys list. Just make sure he doesnt engage your fragile tzeentch in combat too much, and keep the fiends close by to ripp anything in half.

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