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    1500 point list for an upcoming City Fight Tournament

    For some background:

    It is going to be a dense City Fight board and it will be random missions. Other armies in the Tournament are; Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Orks, Blood Angels, Salamanders, Sisters of Battle, and Eldar.

    I have made three lists; a Close Combat, Ranged, and Hybrid. I would like some input on what you guys think would be the best and to tailor it a little.

    Thanks in advance!

    -Close Combat-

    HQ: 350
    2x DP, Wings, Warptime, MoT

    2x 5 Term, IoK
    Dread, +DccW, Heavy Flamer

    8x Zerkers, Champ, PF, Icon, Rhino
    2x 10x CSM, Autocannon

    5x Raptors, Champ

    The two DP's are going to lunge down the roads to get into CC as quickly as possible. The Zerkers are going to get across the board then using the Icon, I plan on dropping my Terms next to them. Dread will foot slog down while the Raptors go along one of the sides. The CSM will find cover (or maybe an objective) and sit and shoot.


    2x Sorc, MoS, Lash, Rhino

    3x 6x Chosen, 4x PG, 1x Missle, IoCG

    4x 5x CSM, PG

    3x 1x Oblit

    With this one, I plan on infiltrating the Chosen about mid field to cause as much damage as I can, then deep strike the Oblits next to them using the Icons, while lashing any unit I can to get a template on them. The CSM will go find objectives or small open units.


    DP, Wings, Warptime, MoT
    Sorc, MoS, Lash, Rhino

    2x 6x Chosen, 4x PG
    5x Term, MoK, Chain Fist

    2x 6x Zerkers, Champ, PF, Rhino
    5x CSM, Flamer

    2x 1x Oblit

    So I plan on having my CC oriented troops on one side of the board and my ranged on the other. Infiltrate my Chosen and deep strike the Terms in their territory. Send the DP and the Zerkers up the CC side while lashing units to get templates from the Oblits.

    I think I have a fairly sound strategy...but as they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry"


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    HQ: I would take a prince and a sorceror or you could just combine the two into a lash sorceror. The ability to drag units out of cover or into charge range is very useful in city games. BTW a sorceror can't take a dedicated rhino so would need to join a unit in their own rhino.
    If you like the warptime Tz prince then add wind of chaos or dombolt. Warptime works on his shooting too.

    Elites: Termies are ok but need a single PF or CF for insurance against enemy dreads locking you in a useless combat. Also add a HF and several combi weapons. One fantastic turn of shoting (often as you deepstrike) is well worth 25 points. Dread is poor and I would drop it for points to upgrade other units.

    Troops: 10 man CSMs should take 2 meltas and a PF champ with IoCG or IoK. A rhino is useful but in city fight you can get away without. If you want fire support troops then take 6 noise marines with sonic blasters. Great for firesupport sitting still or even moving and firing at up to 24".

    Fast: 5 raptors isn't really enough and they have no icon, PW or special weapons. Either upgrade them to a decent unit or ditch them.

    Heavy: Oblits are fine and remember they can deepstrike. Unusial in normal 40k but in city fight it may be more common.
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