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Thread: 2k Khorne army

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    2k Khorne army

    I have been tossing around doing a Khorne army for a long time, and after i saw some conversions of Kharn i started putting it on paper. this is not supposed to be a fluffy army just something i wanted to try. i am short 97 pts just looking for ideas where to fill in the points.

    Kharn 165

    Lord 135
    Mok, pair of LC, Melta bombs


    X2 274= 548
    8 zerkers
    1 champ PF
    Rhino Combi Melta

    X2 265 = 530
    9 CSM MoCG
    2 melta
    1 Champ PF
    Rhino Combi Melta


    X2 150 = 300
    Auto cannon, extra CCW

    3 Obliterators 225

    comes out to 1903

    Kharn and the lord each ride with the zerkers while the csm and oblits pop tanks. Defilers are there to smash horde armys and run up to tanks and pop them if the csm get into CC.

    now the extra points i could give the zerkers plamsa pistols, or give the csm MoK, or a combo of the 2. another idea would be dropping a zerker or 2 and putting in a termicide unit, but i think i have enough tank busting power. C+C welcome. once i finish painting my army as is i am going to start the Kharn convo and try to remeber to post it here.


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    Pretty good looking Khorne army. I will, however, disagree with your tank-busting being sufficient, unless you're playing on an unusually small board. While Defilers are excellent at popping armor, at the same time, they're late game bloomers on this account. You really need more ranged tank-busting, although that's generally true of most Khorne builds. On the other hand, our codex tends to perform best in the current environment with excessive amounts of close combat units, usually at the expense of busting vehicles at range. Given this, I'd recommend a couple changes:

    1) Khorne Lords are ok, but mediocre when compared to prince. For approximately the same cost, you can get a flying prince with the MoK.

    2) Defilers: Swap the auto-cannon and heavy flamer for additional close combat arms. You probably won't be firing the auxiliary weapons anyway.

    3) With your remaining points, you might consider adding a single dread with a missile launcher. It's a cheap way to get a nice light armor buster. Also, if it goes bananas, then you can always opt to fire the frag. Overall, our dreads are not bad (not great mind you). They serve a duel roll- as an early game transport popper; two, as a spearhead support model during the later rounds of the game. Just a thought.
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