I'm fairly new to warhammer 40k playing only a few times with some friends, mostly borrowed Orks and IG. Any way I've recently took the plunge and decided to go with Chaos Space Marines.

I was Intrigued by the noise marines so I started with them but the army didn't stay pure Slaanesh.

Main point it I just want to know if it looks good or has any crazy blaring flaws. any advice is welcome.
1000 point CSM army

HQ: Daemon Prince with wings, mark of Slaanesh and Lash.
155 points

Troops: 6 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters and 1 Noise marine with a Blastmaster
210 points

8 Noise marines with bolters and 1 Noise Marine Champion with Doom Siren and Power Weapon.
225 points

8 Khorne Berzerkers
168 Points

Heavy Support: Land Raider no upgrades
220 Points

Total Points 978. so I have 22 points left. not too sure what to do with them.

So the point of the army in theory is to us landraider to move up the berzerkers into combat, when they reach some troops the Daemon can get in there and support them as well. The champion squad of noise marines with bolters can trouble shoot what ever they need with the champion himself geared for melee with the power weapon and doom siren.

The sonic unit is for getting into position and decimating, plus blast master can take out heavier units. Went with land raider because it more survivable and meaner then a rhino and can deal with big units. If the sonic unit is danger the daemon can use the lash to keep enemies away or put them in position for a template and blast weapons.