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    Senior Member SeanBurton's Avatar
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    world eater 1250 tourney and a little bit to the future

    Daemon prince with wings and mark of khorne ;-140

    dreadnaught with 2 cc weapons and a heavy flamer ;-105

    10 bezerkers, champ with fist and a rhino ;-285

    10 bezerkers, champ with fist ;-250

    8 raptors, khorne, 2 flamers and a champ with fist ;-230

    Land raider with possesion ;-240

    Total =1250

    Afterwards i figured i'd take the army to 2k but I think this may have been worse than my last attempt and wish to get some consteructive feedback before i go make a fool of the worldeaters.

    to get to 2k

    +Daemon prince with wings and mark of khorne ;-140
    +2 units of 10 lesser daemons ;-260
    +8 raptors, khorne, 2 flamers, champ with fist ;-240
    +Vindicator, dozer ;-125
    +dozer on landraider
    +icons on the bezerker squads
    +power weapon to bezerker squads

    -fists on the bezerker squads
    -possesion from land raider

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    Senior Member SheBeast76's Avatar
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    1. Dreads and raptors are just horrible choices in the codex. Drop them.

    2. Drop the fists from the champs, and give them a PW to take advantage of their I4. Meltabombs and/or a plasma pistol wouldn't be bad either.

    3. Give the zerkers their quota of plasma pistols, if you can, and shove them into rhinos.

    4. A land raider, eh? You really don't need them until the later 500pt of a 2k list. For now, either use a predator (dozer blade) or a vindi (siege shield) .

    This ain't a bad GW page for ideas Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters Tactica | Chaos Space Marine Articles | Armies of Warhammer 40,000 Articles | Games Workshop

    So charge forward at neck-snapping speed, and remember to back over the dead for that extra crunchiness.


    I'm not a fan of "summoned" demons, as I don't believe they bring anything to a CSM list. If you want, pay the points for a personal icon in a squad, and DS terminators.
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    Senior Member Ghost of Rage's Avatar
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    I have to strongly disagree with the critique given by LeapingLizard76, personally I would change the following:

    - Drop the Berzerker squads to squads of 8 instead of 10, helps them actually stay in combat until the opponents turn so they don't get shot to bits
    - Drop the Raptors altogether, I've never found that they work as well as another squad of troops
    - Add in 2 Defilers, I can't stress enough how incredible these machines really are
    - I would swap the extra CC arm on the Dread for a Missile Launcher, gives it the added ranged threat and still keeps your own casualties down if it fires on you

    As for your purposed additions, I would recommend not switching the Fists to Power Weapons on the Berzerkers as the Fist adds that little bit extra against MCs and Walkers and not to mention can really help pop enemy armor, IMO, the power of this weapon greatly outweighs the low initiative. I'd also add in a couple more Berzerker squads before adding in most other things, more troops gives you an easier time during objective missions.
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    The other Kind of Fluff Rabbit's Avatar
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    I have to agree with Ghost of Rage on virtually every point.

    Dreads, when used properly, are decent support units. As Ghost mentioned, give your dread a ranged weapon. Especially in Khorne Lists, long ranged tank busting is a particular weakness. Missile launcher works well, although if you are experienced with Fire Frenzy, I'd recommend Multi-melta. Just be sure you have a solid grasp on the finer mechanics of our dreads' instability (and also read up on the Adepticon '09, which outlines a few questionable particulars about Fire Frenzy).

    There's somewhat of a debate whether we should use power weapons or fists with Zerkers. I generally suggest fists, unless you have a surfeit amount of Zerk squads, in which case, having 1-2 champs with power weapons isn't a bad deal.

    Raptors: Mediocre at best, but not completely obsolete. They can do ok in infantry oriented builds, but often fall prey to incoming ranged fire. Unless your attached to them, it's probably best to use these points elsewhere.
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    Senior Member uber's Avatar
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    drop the zerks down to 8.

    lose the raptors.

    the dread is good as is.

    lose the raider.

    give the other squad a rhino.

    get kharn. put him in a rhino. give the champ in said rhino a power weapon instead of a fist.

    get a defiler and a couple of oblits.

    watch your opponent get butchered by kharn while he is too busy worrying about your defiler and prince.

    kharn in tandem with a PW wielding champ can take out a whole squad of meq by themselves. shame on you for mentioning a worldeater's list without him.

    all you really have to do is use your oblits to take out transports, or use your prince. charge your dread and defiler into CC to draw all his heavy fire. then bring in kharn and watch him mop up.
    I love the smell of promethium in the morning.

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