hi all,

im trying to come up with a list to take on my friends, we've been playing 500pt battles but have decided to up it to 750 so we can keep learning the rules properly but have a little extra cool stuff in our lists and still keep the gaming hours down

so this is the list i've come up with

Chaos Lord
Mark of Khorne, Power Weapon

8 Chaos Space Marines
Aspiring champ with meltabombs, icon of khorne and meltagun

Chaos Rhino

9 Thousand Sons

Chaos Rhino

Chaos Defiler
twin-linked lascannon

total 752

i know its two over but my group of friends dont mind and if they did i could drop the Meltabombs to bring it below 750

i figure i have a little more manouvrability than i had previously and still a fairly well rounded force...however i could be wrong

so, whats good, whats bad, am i showing how much of a gaming noob i am or is this list ok?