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    Cheesy beardy cookie cutter list required 1500 pts

    I'm in search of the ultimate all comers Chaos Space Marine armylist.

    No restrictions beside the rules. The goal: 1500 points of pure cheesy beardy codex abuse.

    Please suggest units you think should show up in the list. Or post a whole list on your own. Lets make a really tough list here!

    I'll start with my favorite troops choice:

    7 Plaque Marines: Champion, Power Fist, 2x meltas, icon, rhino (261 points)

    For Heavy support, Oblits are kind of mandatory, don't you think?

    2 Oblits (150 points)

    For elite there's the awesome "Karmoon Special" Terminator Squad

    4 Termies: 3 plasma, heavy flamer, power fist (150 points)

    So far there is still a lot to fill in so please participate. Let's make this hardcore!

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    For your HQ go for Typhus (Force Weapon, auto psy pass, and Ws/Bs 5.) as long as you don't have a Ork player with Ol Zoggwart. Or if its a fun game Abaddon! (Ex. 4 wounds, CC 5-10 with re-rolls.) I would use him alot more but if you roll a 1 with the extra dice for the CC he takes a wound no saves.

    For your Troops looks great, I play a Nurgle army (reason for liking Typhus)

    For your Heavy Support, if you have the points make 2 squads of 2

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