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    2000pts All Gods Army

    My friend has been kind enough to lend me their Chaos Daemons army so that I can decide whether to get one or not. I have a fantasy Daemons of Chaos army and thought I would give their 40K equivalent a go. Here is my list.


    Keeper of Secrets - Soporific Musk, Unholy Might. 235

    Herald of Khorne - Chariot of Khorne, Fury of Khorne, Unholy Might. 110

    Herald of Tzeench - Bolt of Tzeench, We Are Legion, Master of Sorcery. 95


    5 Bloodcrushers of Khorne - Fury of Khorne, Chaos Icon, Instrument of Chaos. 240

    3 Fiends of Slaanesh -. 90


    10 Bloodletters of Khorne - Fury of Khorne, Chaos Icon, Instrument of Chaos. 200

    10 Pink Horrors of Tzeench - Bolt of Tzeench. 180

    10 Plaugebearers of Nurgle - Noxious Touch, Chaos Icon, Instrument of Chaos. 190

    10 Daemonettes of Slaanesh - Transfixing Gaze, Chaos Icon, Instrument of Chaos. 175

    3 Nurgling Bases -. 39

    Fast Attack

    4 Screamers of Tzeench - Unholy Might. 69

    Heavy Support

    Soul Grinder - Phlegm. 160

    Daemon Prince - Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide, Daemonic Flight, Noxious Touch, Cloud of Flies. 215

    Total 1998

    First Cohort - Keeper of Secrets, Fiends of Slaanesh, Plaguebearers of Nurgle, Daemonettes of Slaanesh, Nurgling Bases, Soul Grinder, Daemon Prince.

    Second Cohort - Herald of Khorne, Herald of Tzeench, Bloodcrushers of Khorne, Bloodletters of Khorne, Pink Horrors of Tzeench, Screamers of Tzeench.

    I've based it around the Tetragon of Darkness and is very similar to another Chaos Daemons army belonging to one of my female friends. Both halves contain fast moving, hard hitting units, units to seize objectives with and hold them and some sacrificial units to distract and tie up enemy units for a turn or two. There are also enough Chaos Icons in either cohort to ensure that the second wave arrives where I want it to.

    Let me know what you think.


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    The list looks pretty decent for an all gods lists. I like the style that you are going for.

    Every unit looks good and has its place but a few of them are a miss and will waste you games in the long run. The fiends unit is too small, I suggest getting rid of the nurgling bases and the screamers and with those points bump the fiends up to 6.

    The nuglings will not do any good until they are at a higher level of models, they will just get stomped on by anything they touch. The screamers wont really achieve anything either until they have a lot more models, and neither will the fiends, but the fiends are very important and you will find out why when they start to tear units apart

    Then take off the icon on the deamonettes unit, and use those points to buy a chariot for the Tzeentch herald.

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    Do you really have to use all gods? I understand if you're doing it for fluff reasons or if you have a theme, but from a gaming perspective, you're just gimping yourself.

    I'd say, instead of a tetragon, just make it a triangle of darkness or less. Keep it to only 3 or 2 gods. You'd do much better in games by doing so.
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