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    1250 point competetive multi-god list (Doubles Tournament)


    Skulltaker on Juggernaut – 175 points


    3 flamers of tzeentch – 105 points

    5 bloodcrushers of khorne – 200 points


    10 bloodletters of khorne, chaos icon, instrument of chaos – 190 points

    10 plaguebearers of nurgle, chaos icon, instrument of chaos – 180 points

    10 pink horrors of tzeentch, bolt of tzeentch – 180 points

    Heavy support:

    Daemon prince, mark of nurgle, iron hide, daemonic flight, noxious touch, cloud of flies – 215 points

    TOTAL: 1245 points

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    Nice list. Im happy to see something without fatecrusher in it.

    Few minor changes I would incorporate.

    First I would take the icon off the letters and plague bearers. Use these points to give your bloodcrusher unit all upgrades for wound allocation so they dont die as easy. Also I would remove a bloodcrusher, a pink horror, and a plaguebearer and upgrade skullcrusher to a bloodthirster.

    This will give you three hard hitting close combat units, nurgle prince, bloodthirster, and bloodcrushers.

    One other hint. The flamers will only work once, the other player will kill them. I would suggest cutting the two pink horrors units in half so you can have two of them

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    HQ: Skulltaker really sucks. He costs more than 3 bloodcrushers and is no way near as powerful or as resilient. Swap for a herald of tzeentch on chariot with MoS, Legion, Bolt for 110.

    Elites: Love the flamers. Bloodcrushers are ok but need all 3 upgrades so you can use the wound allocation rules to keep guys alive. It is possible to fail all the saves from a plasma cannon that wounds 4 times and not remove any models.

    Troops: One icon on the crushers should be enough. Another in the PBs could be ok if you want an icon in each wave but you can get away without it.
    Split horrors into 2x5 with bolt (add changeling if you have 5 points left over at the end).
    PBs I would take 2 units of 5-7
    Letters are fine but drop the icon and all instruments.

    Heavy: Add daemonic gaze to this guy. He is BS5 so it's nice to bake use of this and it gives him something to do on the turn he arrives by deepstrike.
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