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    1500 Nurgle, tough as nails

    Ok, so I love Nurgle and I want to make a really tough intimidating force that just grinds the opposition into dust through attrition. Let me know what you think:

    Daemon Prince; MoN, Wings, Warptime 175

    Greater Daemon; 100

    7 Plague Marines; Plague Champion, 2 Flamers 186

    7 Plague Marines; Plague Champion, 2 Meltas 196

    6 Plague Marines; Plague Champion, 2 Plasmas, Rhino 216

    Land Raider; Daemonic Possession 240

    Land Raider; Daemonic Possession 240

    Defiler; 2 extra close combat arms 150

    The list is pretty self explanitory in how it plays, 2 land raiders advance covering defiler and DP, plasma squad holds rear objectives, DP and GD annihilate units the other two squads hold in place. Thoughts?

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    I like the vibe, but think you need a few changes:

    I would lose the Defiler for 2x Obliterators, as your ranged anti-vehicle shooting is very limited.

    I would also lose the Gtr Daemon as you need more Troops.

    Lose 1 marine and the champ from the Plasma squad, and give the Rhino a Havoc. This squad can then sit on Objectives in or near your deployment area. Dozers are good too.

    With the Daemon and altering as above, you will have 138-15 for the Havoc = 123 pts. If you lose Warptime too, you can have another 5 PM with 2x PLasmaguns.

    Hope this helps

    Lord Ramon

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    The greater demon is not mobile enough to be a huge threat. I would drop him to make the champions in the land raiders carry powerfists. The champion in the plasma squad is now useless without the greater demon so I would drop him also.

    You would really better off with one more troop in a rhino if you could. I would also switch the 2 flamers for 2 meltaguns to have more anti-tank capabilities.

    Demonic possession is good when you have spare points, right know you're missing troops so I would drop the possession for points to add more troops.

    The defiler is nice but I always keep the reaper autocannon so I have more long range anti-tank. Obliterators could fit the bill also but being the only infantry on foot in your whole army is not the best. Getting a predator with autocannon and sponson lascannons saves a few points and keeps with the hard as nails theme of the army.

    I didn't count the points but if you do not have a lot an icon on 1 troop and 5 lesser demons is only 70 points total so you can fit that pretty much in any list.

    Hope this helps
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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