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Thread: World Eater 2k

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    128 (x3)

    World Eater 2k

    Lord: MoK, Wings, Pair of Lightning Claws, MeltaB, Icon

    2x 9 Berzerkers: 1x PP, Champ with Icon and Fist + Rhino: dozer, extra TL-Bolter

    8 Berzerkers: 1x PP, Champ with Fist - ride with Lord in Raider

    2x 5 Berzerkers: 1x PP + Rhino: dozer, Havoc Launcher

    Land Raider: dozer, Daemonic Possession

    2x 3 Obliterators


    The small squads are for rear defence and mainly sitting on Objectives

    Comment and criticism appreciated

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    Senior Member Black_rose_00's Avatar
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    You run icons, just in case you deepstike your obliterators? Chaos has nothing to manipulate reserves, this can be a bad idea especially that those obliterators are your only tank busting. Starting them on the table is your best bet I think, it would also let you free the points for the icons. Or you add lesser demons to hold your back lines and you keep your icons. Lesser demons are ok to hold objectives, you sit them in difficult terrain and go to ground each time they take a bullet. They are fearless so won't run from shooting and a 3++ cover save is really going to keep them alive a while and in case of need they can always assault on the drop.

    With land raiders, play 2 or play none. Most armys have a hard time busting a land raider at range but some can do it or be lucky. If you play 2, you are almost garanteed that one will make it across the board to kill stuff.

    You are way to light on tank busting, you need a few meltaguns. 10 CSM with 2 metaguns, champ with powerfist, rhino is 245 points, to stay khorne themed add IoK and your are set. If you want to stay khorned themed even more make the unit 8 strong with 1 meltagun and 1 combi-melta on the champ. Plasma pistols is not considered tank busting, medium strength and not AP1 is not going to kill tanks, especially when you only have 1 per unit. Adding combi-meltas to your foward moving rhinos is an easy way of giving you more anti-tank.

    Berzerker squads, 8 strong is enough and it even fits khornes favorite number. Most things you charge you will kill with 8 berzerkers, 10 is just a waste of points. What 8 berzerkers can not kill, 10 wouldn't kill either.

    I'll thing of a few options and post them latter. For now it gives you a good working base.
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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