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    1492 Conquest of Bloody Paradise

    Hello, I've quite new to the tabletop version of Warhammer 40000.
    I was originally planning to go with Tyranids as my first army, but then I concluded that Tyranids are not vicious enough.
    I just love the background on Khorne.
    So here is my go at a Khorne only army:

    2x Winged Khorne Daemon Prince: 140 each
    4x 8 Khorne Berzerks: 2x Plasma Pistols, Power Fist - 238 each
    4x Rhino: Daemonic Possession, Combi-Flamer - 65 each

    This comes to a total of 1492 points, Khorne's Conquest of Paradise.

    The objective with this army is not really a competitive army, but something I can have fun without failing horribly on the table.
    So I wanted to ask some opinions on this matter as I think my first army could decide whether I get into this expensive hobby or never come back.

    Do you think I could have "fun" playing this?

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    No I do not think you can have fun playing that army. Not to start with a least. This kind of army is fun once in a while when you're opponent plays something similar, so you're both in close combat on the second turn.

    1) you are not playing the shooting phase so that makes you skip 1/3 of the game for you
    2) you have to get in close combat to start doing something, against some opponents you will not even make it if you can't stun/immobilze their transports.
    3) watching your models get blasted off the table without even doing something in return for 2-3 turns is not very interesting when the game can stop on turn 5.

    Something like this would already be better

    Prince with wings and rage of Khorne (warptime) 155

    2 X 10 CSM, 2 meltaguns, icon Khorne, champ, fist, rhino 550
    2 X 8 berzerkers, champ fist, rhino 486

    2 predators with autocannon and lascannon sponsons 260
    2 defilers with additional close combat weapon and reaper autocannon 300
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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