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    New army, fluffy but not useless POST!-heresy Emperor's Children 1500pts

    I've just started a new collection of Emperor's Children CSMs. Got my termi-lord because the model is sweet mostly and I'm looking at 1500 as my first major waypoint. I want to collect a fluffy army that looks great rather then a meta-game uber-list... but there's nothing wrong with an army that works.

    I decided on trying my best to stick to the sacred number [as weak as it seems] and units that I won't be included, being;

    Obliterators [common mercenaries but not EC material... and I'm sick of seeing them spammed XD]
    Defilers [they were a black legion creation iirc, staying clear]
    cult marine units [not including NMs ofc]

    That leaves most of the codex open... just no PMs, Defiler oblit spam option [yawn].

    I used the old attack, defend, support thesis. Chosen, termi's, lord, hunter pred and prince in attack. NMs and pred in defence. Daemon wing [inc prince] in support.

    I used to play LatD and had a termi lord with termis and I always deepstruck them. You can argue that once they land they will get shot to ribbons but it completely dependant on where you chose to put them... and what's life without a little risk so I couldn't resist... And remember, If I want to win a touney... I'll take my orks

    [bear in mind that the rhino's combis, dirge caster and termi's icon were added once I had written the basic list and had 50 pts left.]

    Enough yakedy-shmakedy, here's the list... be gentle

    Chaos Lord
    terminator armour
    daemon weapon - blissgiver
    mark of slaanesh

    Chaos Terminators x 3
    combi-melta x 3
    icon of slaanesh

    Chosen x 6
    plasma guns x 5
    icon of slaanesh
    aspiring champion

    Noise Marines x 6
    noise champion

    Noise Marines x 6
    sonic blasters x 5

    Chaos Predator
    las-cannon side sponsons
    dirge caster

    Greater Daemon

    Lesser Daemons x 6

    Lesser Daemons x 6

    ....running total = 1499pts

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    I'd drop the noise champion and his gear in the first squad and kit out all of your NM with sonic weapons (blastmaster included). If you are planning your NM to play defence, then you don't really need them to charge into combat, you want them staying back and pounding from long range with a ton of shots. So a powerfist and a doom-siren aren't going to help you there. Also, give an icon to your second NM squad as well, that way if the enemy do manage to get past your front line you can summon a bunch of fodder daemons as a tarpit/shield wall, then use the NM to counter-charge and pick up the scraps.

    Keep the icons for the termies and chosen, then you can use them to daemon-bomb the opponent. And if you have the points left over, make each of your Termies a terminator champion. More attacks, and more ability to summon the Greater Daemon.

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