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    2000+ pt Anti-Eldar Army List: Need help getting it to 1750 pts

    1 Chaos Lord, mark of Khorne, plasma pistol- 130 pts

    8 terminators, 1 reaper autocannon, 4 combi flamers, 1 combi melatgun, 2 storm bolters- 105 pts

    1 dreadnought, 1 plasma cannon- 105 pts

    11 CSM, 1 powerfist, 1 power weapon, 2 plasma pistols, 1 heavy bolter, 1 meltagun, 1 Icon-265 pts

    10 CSM, 1 plasma gun, 1 aspiring champ- 180 pts

    1 rhino, dozer blade- 40 pts

    6 beserkers, 1 plasma pistol + 1 skull champ on Juggernought of Khorne w plasma pistol (can you do this?)- 177pts

    3 bikers, 1 plasma gun- 109 pts

    3 obliterators- 225 pts

    1 predator, lascannons all round-165 pts

    1 predator, lascannons all round- 165 pts

    1 landraider, no upgrades- 220 pts

    Total=2080 points

    This army list does not allow for special characters.
    I also have a sorcerer model and 1 more khorne beserker waiting in the wings.
    What should i change to get it down to 1750 pts?
    It is primarily meant for an anti-eldar battle, but i may also fight 1750 pts battles against Tyranids and Imperial Guard in the future. I dont really like greater or lesser daemons, daemon princes or defilers for my own reasons.

    Any advice by anyone would be appreciated greatly : )

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    I don't know if you've used the old edition codex to make this list but theres a couple of illegal units in this list.

    First of all, your terminator unit comes to 290pts, and we don't have storm bolters, they already come with twin-linked bolters. Like what I'll cover in the Chosen unit, you need to make the Terminators be good at one thing, it sounds strange, but a unit is 10 times better if its great at doing one thing than be mediocre at two so if you want them to be better against infantry have combi-flamers, lightning claws, a heavy flamer and mark of Slaanesh, if you want them to better at tank hunting, take combi-meltas, a reaper autocannon, power fists and mark of tzeentch.

    I'm guessing the 11 man unit are Chosen judging by the amuont of special weapons they've got? If so, then that unit needs to be changed as it doesn't have a proper role so its a wasted unit, with Chaos units, you need to build them to do one role on the battlefield or else they won't be very effective so just think about what you want them to do whether its Tank/ MC hunting or Infantry hunting. Dreadnoughts are a personal preference but if your playing Eldar I'd get rid of it because they can bring a load of str8 weapons to the battle.

    The Chaos marine squad looks good, just need to add another plasma gun and a power fist.

    Unfortunately you can't have Bezerkers on juggernauts.I'd get rid of the plasma pistols, there really not worth the risk, give the champion a power weapon and if you can, make the squad 8 strong and give them a rhino.

    I don't know what you plan to do with the bikes but their points can be spent in better places.

    I take it the Landraiders a dedicated transport for the Termies, you must drop them to 5 guys to make use of it, if not, then you've got one too many heavy support choices.

    Obliterators are good,though people usually have them in squads of two but 3's fine.

    Preads are ok but don't bother giving them a twinlinked lascannon turret, its overpriced and two str7 shots are better against Eldar vehicles than one str9.

    Oh yeah, make sure the Khorne Lord doesn't leave the warp without his trusty pair of lightning claws.

    So unless you change your Terminator unit one of your heavies need to go and I think if would have to be the Landraider.

    Hope this has helped!
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