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    1500 points undivided

    This is my 1500 point army list. Please don't suggest Tzeralds on chariots unless you can tell me how to make them cheaply (less than £25) Are 2 icons worth it in 1500 points?

    HQ: Keeper of Secrets w/ might and musk
    Bloodthirster w/ Blessing

    Elites: 2x3 flamers
    3 bloodcrushers all upgrades

    Troops: 2x5 plaguebearers w/ icons
    10 bloodletters
    10 horrors changeling

    Heavy: DP w/ MoN noxious touch cloud of flies and iron hide

    Total: 1500 exactly

    The plan is to drop the plaguebearers and flamers near main units turn 1, the flamers will destroy them and the plagueearers will allow other units to come down via the icon. When the rest comes down, all that remains will die!!!

    What would be the best DP Build for less than 200 pts? Please help.

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    HQ: I would drop the keepers upgrades for pavine, it can be great when used to pack targets together for flamers or to drag enemies into charge range of crushers. BT is good.

    Elites: Fine, I might be tempted with 5-6 fiends rather than 3 crushers.

    Troops: 3 Icons is a bit much even when you have 6 flamers to use them. Take a unit of 7 PBs with icon if you like ir 2x5 without. other choices are fine.

    Heavy: Good, add gaze if you can as he is BS5 and it is a shame to waste it.
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    I made my Tzeentch Chariots super cheap and that's because I poor!! I used one pink horror to man the chariot. I used one Screamer to pull it. I made the chariot out of wood I sculpted with sandpaper and my Dremmel. Then I simply drilled 8 small holes at symmetrical intervals around the outside and put half round toothpicks in them. Then I painted it blue and silver with Tzeentch symbols. I added reins made of decorative paper covered wire I got at the dollar store. I made an oblong base out of a small piece of Balsa wood I had for terrain modeling and added a shaft of a toothpick with the point cut off on the base to mount the chariot. The screamer has a flying base with it, so I mounted the flying base right on the home made base as well. It cost me the price of one Screamer, one Pink Horror, some toothpicks, glue, paint and a small piece of Balsa. 25 pounds is about $42 Canadian. If you made the Screamers using Greenstuff modeling epoxy, you could easily make all four chariots this way. I may not win the modeling award of the year, but I have 2 Tzeentch Chariots that look pretty good and I did it on the cheap!

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