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    1500 Points Daemons (Need Daemon Prince Advice)

    Here's what I got:


    Herald OF Tzeentch
    Chariot, Legion, Master, Bolt 110

    Herald of Tzeentch
    Chariot, Legion, Master, Bolt 110


    Bloodcrushers x3
    All options 160

    Bloodcrushers x3
    All options 160

    Flamers x3 105


    Plaguebearers x5 75

    Plaguebearers x5 75

    Horrors x10 170

    Horrors x10
    Changling 175

    That leaves me with 360 points for my two Princes. Each Prince will be outfitted the same. I think I need some more anti-tank so these are a couple ideas I came up with:

    Daemon Prince
    Wings, Might, Gaze (with the idea of bouncing around and taking out tanks in close combat)


    Daemon Prince
    MoN, Iron Hide, Might, Aura of D (a little bit slower but able to withstand more punishment. After the tank is cracked open can use Aura of Decay to melt the men riding inside.)

    I know Aura of Decay isn't great, but I usually play armies with low toughness, so it should work decently.

    All advice is appreciated.

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    HQ: Fantastic.

    Elites: Crushers don't need all the upgrades just enough to make them all different and one un-upgraded model can count as one of those. You can either add another model to each unit or drop musicians or the icons to save points. Personally I use one unit of 6 with all the upgrades. Flamers are great.

    Troops: Good: PBs could do to be 6-7 strong if you can. Also split the 10 man horror unit (without the changeling) into 2x5 with bolt on both.

    Heavy: use some of these...

    MOT + Bolt 140
    MOT + Bolt, Gaze 160
    MON + Hide, Nox, Flies, Gaze 175
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