Hello, oh dear Chaothicans!
I intend to visit a tournament this spring and I will to this event finish my old deatguard-army.
..or that's my intention anyway.
However, I have not played a lot of chaos lately, I kind of lost inspiration when the latest codex was released, so I am in great need of advice.

I would like this army to keep rather fluffy and things like the old sacred number seven is quite dear to me.
My army is at the moment looking something like this:


Nurgle Rot


5 Termies
I o N
3 Combi plasmas
1 Combi melta
Heavy flamer

Landraider 220


7 Plaugemarines
2 Plasmaguns
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7 Plaugemarins
Champ with powerfist
2 Meltaguns
personal Icon

7 Lesser Daemons

7 Lesser daemons

Heavy support

defiler -all ccws

This, I think, would bring my army to around 1428 points
So how could I twist my reminding points to get more of an ohmpha while keeping with the flavour of the army?
I have been toying with a few ideas, like getting two more termies (sacred number) or dropping a unit of daemons in favour of getting another unit of Deathguards, swapping weapons around. Putting the powerfist wealding champ and a unit of DG with two flamers in the Raider, a non-champed unit with two meltas in the Rhino, deepstriking the termies and keeping the plasmagunsquad on foot.
Or maybe get another defiler...
as you can understand I am quite uncertain and would love some help from more experienced tournamentplayers.