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    1850 Tournament Prep.

    So a friend who plays Eldar asked me to help him prepare for a local tournament so I made up a list that is a little different then what I am used to but thought it may help him get used to MSU that he will most likely face. I would like your input on the list I put together for him to fight against.

    D.Prince w/wings & Lash -155

    Kharn -***

    3x Terminators w/1x RAC -115
    3x Terminators w/1x RAC -115
    3x Terminators w/1x Heavy Flamer -95

    8x Berzerkers w/Champ/Fist, Rhino -243
    8x Berzerkers w/Champ/Fist -208
    5x Plague Marines w/2x Meltagun, Rhino -170
    10x CSM w/2x Meltagun, Rhino -205

    Land Raider -***

    5x Havocs w/4 Missiles -155


    The Berzerker squad without a rhino was in the Land Raider and Kharn hung out with the PMs to give them a little more punch in CC.

    The game we played was from Adepticon, Spearhead deployment with 3 different mission objectives (HQ within 6" of the center of the table at the end of the game, table quarters, and Kill Points). In the end neither of us had our HQ in the center, no one held a quarter, and he beat me by 3 KPs. I also helped him out with some tactics. But back to the main question, Do you think I gave him an idea of what he may face at a tournament?

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    Too many Terminator squads in too few numbers. You need at least five in a squad to be effective, those guys aren't anything but expensive fire magnets kited out like that. I'd have one group of ten Terminators with a pair of autocannons or two groups of five with one each, and they'd all probably have combi-weapons.

    Second, switch the Rhino from the Plague Marines to the Berzerkers. Plagues in that small of a group are best as hunkering down on an objective, and Berzerkers without a transport take too long to get to the enemy and end up shredded more often than not. Most players would have a couple more plagues in the group, and all troops would have Rhinos.

    Finally, most times Havocs are taken (which, due to Oblits, is not often) they are taken with extra guys to use as sacrificial meat shields. And typically Land Raiders aren't taken as they are viewed as not as good as their Loyalist counterparts due to not have Spirit of the Machine.

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