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    2x 1000 points tournament (no restriction)

    In a few weeks, i am going to a tournament i am not prapred to face. We'll play 2 against 2 (1000 points per player), each player using its own orga chart with no restriction for the team : it seems we can play two different armies if we want with no restriction in term of alliance or redudancy.

    I want to play csm with my friend but we know our opponents will be very cruel! Each team will prepare the most terrific combination possible. We have an idea for our team but having no experience on that type of game, we fear to be a little weak in comparison with other team as double dark eldar, double sw ...

    Here is our idea (not finished yet) :

    First part : lash prince, 10 csm with fist and 2 melta in rinho, 5 plague marines with plasma, karmoon special termis and 2 obli and vindicator

    Second part : same prince, same csm, 8 zerkers with fist and rinho and 2 obli and a defiler

    Have you ever played such game? What could we expect to face?

    What do you think about our lists and the most important : what would you play in such conditions if your goal is to be the most effective possible no matter fluff or opponents fun questions (as we know everybody prepare the deadliest list possible).

    Thank for your help !!!

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    Alright well was just taking a glance at your lists before i have to back out for work, so i will add more to this post when i get home.
    A few things i noticed while reading the first list were:
    1. You seem to have an imblance of troops to your heavy support meaning that before you invest so much in your HS you probably would want to atleast buff up your troops. I'm not exactly sure which unit you would rather keep, however I would recomend either dropping your termies or vindicator to really get your troops up to par.
    2.It looks like your Csm are trying to be your anti tank power in your lsit, however for 1,000 points 2 obliterators, a vindi, and a DP can handle just fine. If you take the suggestion i made above, I would drop the CSM squad for another 7 man, dual melta PM squad in a Rhino. Unfortunately i don't have my codex with me bt dropping the 150ish point CSM squad and the 125 point vindi should easily free up enough room for the 7 man PM squad and for the other PM squad to be buffed up aswell.

    For the second List i have kind of prepared it based around my suggestions for the first list, and the generic guess that you want it to be a more assault oriented pushing forward force. This is what i would recomend/change:
    1. Drop the CSM squad again. I would probably take the fist off aswell. It seems a little risky but here my thinking/strat out and you can mkae the decision. If you take the fist off of the current zerker squad you would more than likely have enough points for 2x 8 man zerker squads each with a rhino. I would then give them combimeltas if you have an extra 10-20 points laying around.
    2. I would take the 2 obliterators off and give it another defiler. With the strategy i will propose later, you are going to want to push the second list forward and the best HS i find that easily fits into a zerker army is defilers. They move 6 then pie plate and with two you have some serious anti infantry going on. The second defiler can also help make up for the lack of pie plate should you decide to lose the vindi from the first list.

    Time to talk strategy. With the first list you are going to want to focus down any elite units (nobs, termies etc.) and tanks. This list is also optimized for holding objectives. With the Second list the primary goal is for kills. Charge up with the zerkers, meanwhile dropping 2 pie plates a turn with defilers and you will have the enemy on the back half of their side in a heartbeat. When turn 3-4 comes around in an objective game turn list 1 around and go for objectives and spread list 2 thin and keep the enemy balled up for the end of the game. If the enemy should over power list 1, fleet defilers into combat to tie them up and use your zerkers to cap objectives however be forewarned that this should be last ditch effort to win.
    Any other questions let me know and ill be glad to respond later, also Good luck!
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