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    1500 points army list

    hi i got a tourment game in a couple of months 1500 points.

    tzeentch herald chriot with bolt, legoin, sorcery 110

    tzeentch herald chriot with bolt, legoing, sorcery 110

    3 flamers 105

    6 crushers with upgrades 280

    10 horrors with changing 175

    10 horrors with bolt 180

    6 plague bearers 90

    7 plague bearers icon 130

    dp mark of tzeentch bolt, gaze 160

    dp mark of tzeentch bolt, gaze 160

    total 1500

    what do you think of this list? please leave you comments

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    HQ: Excellent

    Elites: Good.

    Troops: Again good. I would ditch the icon from the PBs and take 2x7 PB units. With the 10 points left over split the second horror units into 2x5 both with bolt. This will give you another bolt and 11 units meaning 6 units on your initial wave. An icon in each wave is nice but it is the flamers that are the best at using them and if they arrive in the first wave by accident then you nolonger need the icon.

    Heavy: Great.
    Quorn! - Protein for the Protein God.

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    The List overall is very Balanced and I respect that. One thing I see missing in this List is speed. Youve got gunz, and Gunz...but 6 Bolts is not enough to Break armor Fast enough to allow your Crushers to Feast. I have a couple of Suggestions to Speed the Army up and give you more of a rounded list that can Break anything in its way.

    Ive never been a Fan of Flamers, and that is because they are a sacrifical unit. Fiends do the same thing, but have staying power and Crazy reach and Board control, They always make their Points back. I suggest dropping a bloodCrusher, the icon off the PlagueBearers, and a PlagueBearer from the 7 man SQuad and upgrading the Flamers to a Unit of 6 fiends.

    I now suggest taking the Gazes off the Princes, they are good, but with so much Mech half the game those Gazes are worthless because your trying to break the Mech with Bolt, and you should be moving towards Transports with your Princes, so if you do break it, you can assualt anyways. Take the Gazes off, and with the points, buy a bolt for the Changeling Squad, and then split the 2 10man squads into 4 5man Squads, and buy them the two new Squads bolts. Also take the Changeling off the Pink horror Squad for 5 points. Use the 5 Points, and the 15 you have left over, and convert one of the PlagueBearer Squads into another Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot
    . My Work is done

    your List should look something like this after the Changes have been made

    Tzeentch Chariot-Legion,bolt,master
    Tzeentch Chariot-legion,bolt,master
    Tzeentch Chariot-legion,bolt,master

    6 Fiends
    5 Crusher-icon,muscian,furious guy

    5 Horrors-bolt
    5 horrors-bolt
    5 horrors-bolt
    5 horrors-bolt
    6 PlagueBearers

    Tzeentch Prince-bolt
    Tzeentch Prince-bolt

    I am Sorry if the Changes seems too Drastic, and Im sorry if you dont have the stuff to field the rest of the Squads.

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