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Thread: 1500 Daemons

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    1500 Daemons

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the Chaos Daemons codex at decided to try them out a bit - I've got some friends coming over in a few days time to play a game and so I've put together a list.
    My opponents will be fielding a range of things including Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Space Marines (I think ultramarines but I can't be certain), Necrons, Eldar, Chaos SMs, and Orks - so pretty much everything except Daemon Hunters which is good considering I'm still very new to the army ;)

    Anyway here's the list I've put together; let me know what you think please:

    HQ: 255
    Bloodthirster - Blessing of the Blood God, (255)

    Troops: 895
    10x Bloodletters - Chaos Icon (185)
    10x Bloodletters (160)
    10x Bloodletters (160)
    10x Pink Horrors - Changeling, Chaos Icon (200)
    5x Pink Horrors - Bolt of Tzeentch (95)
    5x Pink Horrors - Bolt of Tzeentch (95)

    Fast Attack: 350
    11x Flesh Hounds - Karanak (200)
    10x Flesh Hounds (150)

    Total: 1500 Points

    Let me know what you think - I expect to play offensively against the more shooty armies (obviously) and against the Tyranids/Orks I was going to drop in mostly horrors to blast their numbers down and also as assault bait - that way I ensure the charge for my bloodletters/hounds.

    Thanks a lot,


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    This list is a good starter list. I am going to suggest that you tear apart the list a little and try out some of the best options our codex has to offer alongside some of the choices you have already Im only suggesting these things though because I want you to get a good feel on the codex.

    I suggest changing the icon bloodletters into a unit of 9 plaguebearers, this unit will help you hold objectives and will also give you a cushion shield against orkz and other swarm armys.

    Then I suggest getting rid of the 200 point fleshound unit..they will never make their points back...but with those points you can buy a unit of 6 Fiends of Slaanesh with Might that will make back their points and then some. Also Drop 2 more Hounds from the 10 squad...this gives you a Fluffy 8 Hounds and they will get their points back while not posing much of a threat to the other player

    I also suggest turning one of the other bloodletter squads into tzeentch deamon prince with Bolt and Gaze...he is a mobile gun platform that can put a hurt on light vehicles and does pretty solid in combat.

    For solid performance and consistany I suggest taking out 2 horrors from the 10 squad and giving them to the 5 man squads...this way you have an almost even amount in each squad. Also drop the icon in the pink horror squad..if their is an icon in a horror squad it will not exist for long.

    You should have around 110 points left over...and with this you shall buy a Tzeentch Herald on Chariot with bolt, master of sorcery, and we are legion. He is a very mobile gun platform that harrass's and destroys stuff and is very annoying.

    Your list should look like


    Tzeentch Herald on Chariot
    -Bolt,Legion,Master of sorcery

    6 Fiends

    10 BloodLetters
    9 PlaugeBearers
    7 Horros-Bolt,Changeling
    6 Whores-bolt
    6 Horrors-bolt

    8 fleshHounds

    Tzeentch Prince
    -Bolt of Tzeentch, Gaze

    I feel that a List like this will pose a threat in a friendly environment...while still not being over the top competive..and may win you a few games if the deepstriking is lucky for you. This list also gives you a more rounded feel of the whole codex and has the best units with have possible in the Codex....you will feel our strenght from the very beginning

    Good Luck and Happy Hunting

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