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    2000 pts suggestions

    Heya, i am wanting to start a new army for 40k

    i want it to be 2000pts but the main thing is i dont want to spend too much money on it....

    so here is a challenge. can you write a good competitive or fluffy 2000pts list for no more than £250

    thanks Tom

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    Ebay Would be the only way...but that would take months of watching for the best deals.

    I know my khorne army when I bought it without the Bloodrushers cost me 200$ for the three Khorne Princes and the two Bloodthirsters. After I bought and painted the BloodThirsters and Deamon Princes I bought 60 BloodLetters which cost me about roughly 150$. Then after I bought the BloodLetters I bought 18 BloodCrushers which costs me about 300$...then I bought 20 FleshHounds and paid 25 per five which was a deal and that was another 100$

    this was a 3000 Point army...and it cost me roughly 800$....so that is 266 dollars per 1000 Points.

    Any Way you Look at it...if you are buying from GW itself without a wholesaler...or without the use of Ebay, roughly every 150 points of Deamons in the codex costs about 30$....30$ for the plastic troops...or 40 for the PlagueBearers. The heavy support either costs 33-60......the fast attack costs 30-80 for a full squad..the elites are 50 for three crushers and its best to use a full squad for them so a 100...flamers are better if your have more than three so they are like 40$....the HQ is all around 50-60...and if you have to modify for the chariots that costs a butt ton just to find all th bits. All these numbers were rough estimates between GW and Ebay and wholesale

    Deamons are Costly.

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    HQ: Fatewever 333
    Elites: 6 crushers (all upgrades) 280. 2x5 Fiends + Might 320
    Troops: 11 Horrors inc icon & changeling 217. 2x5 horrors with bolt 190. 2x10 bloodletters 320, 8 Daemonettes 104
    Heavy: Prince, MoT, Bolt & Gaze 160, 1 Prince, MoN, Gaze, Hide, Nox, Flies, Wings 235

    Total 1999
    Cash wise from GW
    Fateweaver 36
    2x3 crushers 67
    Battleforce 65
    5 Seekers 15.50
    2 Prince 41
    10 Horrors 18
    Leaves you £8 left. If you buy these from maelstrom or wayland games that will be a further saving.

    To make the fiends use the 5 seekers and 5 more from the battleforce to make centaur type models using the riders as the top half etc. This is a lot cheaper than getting the metal figures. You could just use them as seekers and use the remaining budget to pad out the spare points but I prefer fiends over seekers due to the H&R USR.
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