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    I need some help

    Hello everyone and death to the corpse emporer. I need some help with making a 2000 point chaos marines army list for a tournement this saturday at my local gaming store. But I want this army to be made of the models that I have. So following is a omplete list of all the Chaos marines that i have.

    Daemon Prince with wings
    Lord with mark of khorne, jump pack, pair of lightning claws, melta bombs, personal icon
    Sorcerer Lord with twin-linked bolter, terminator armour, force weapon, personal icon, melta bombs

    Chaos Dreadnought with twin-linked lascannon, DCCW with inbuilt twin-linked bolter
    Chaos Dreadnought with plasma cannon, DCCW with inbuilt heavy flamer
    Terminators: 5 terminators, heavy flamer, mark of tzeentch, 4 combi plas or melta
    Terminators: 4 terminators with pair of litning claws each, icon of khorne or slaanesh
    Chosen: 5 chosen with 2 plasma guns and 3 flamers

    3 champions with power weapons
    2 champions with power fists
    4 marines with melta guns
    20 normal marines
    1 berzerker champion with power weapon and plasma pistol (stand in for Kharn)
    7 base berzerkers
    1 aspiring sorerer of thousand sons
    8 base thousand son marines

    3 rhinos

    Fast attack
    Raptor champion with pair of claws
    Raptor champion with power weapon, icon of khorne
    Raptor champion with power weapon, icon of slaanesh
    Raptors: 10 raptors, 1 raptor with a melta gun

    Heavy support
    Land Raider with combi melta
    Defiler: CCW, twin-linked autocannon
    Havos: 2 base havocs, 3 with heavy bolters

    6 lesser daemons

    And that is it. This is an entire list of all the chaos marines that I have. If anyone is capable of making a list from these models, i will greatly appreitiated and will pile over it.

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    Unfortunately most of the stuff you have wouldn't be used in a competitive tourney list.

    HQ: Abby is quite expensive, and against several armies he will be overkill. That and demon weapons are too random.
    A demon prince is a great choice, but at 2000 points you will struggle to keep him alive as they weight of fire you will face will likely be trained on him.
    A jump lord is fun but limited in use. If you will be facing mew armies, he can do well in a squad of raptors with melta, but there are better ways to spend the points.
    A terminator sorcerer is solid, but he won't be able to use his power in a land raider.

    I suggest going with either the prince or sorceror, or both. You would be well served to put MoT on the prince, and warptime is still a good power despite being nerfed.

    Elites: dreads are a wild card. I like them, but they need to pick up the slack of your list. You could use one of if you wanted, but I wouldnt use two.
    I would definitely put 4 termies in the LR with the sorceror.

    Troops: you want a csm melta squad, a bezerker squad with fist, and then your other csm melta squad. Thousand sons are super expensive, and they kind of suck. Of course you will need rhinos. At 2000 points you really should try to get 4 troop choices.

    Fast attack: stay away from in competition. Chaos is too weak in this category.
    Raptors are generally not worth the points, and my experience is that they are not that great in an all comers list.

    You are really light here. The defiled and LR are good, but you really need some good S9 weapons. This means oblits and predators with LC sponsons. Maybe you could use some termies as count as oblits.

    Forget the demons, but if you really want to use them go for it.

    Since you don't have much HS you might want to use both dreads. It will pick up some of the slack.

    Anyway that's my two cents on what you are dealing with for what it's worth. If you make a list I'll take a look at it. Have you consider plague marines? They are some of the best troops in the game.
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    *moved to the army list forum*
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