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Thread: Undivided [562]

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    Undivided [562]

    This list isnt legal but only because I havent finsihed buying all my peices yet. The Sorcerer HQ has mark of Tzeentch but the Lord when I get it will have Undivided.

    Chaos Sorcerer [145 pts]
    - Mark of Tzeentch
    - Plasma Pistol
    - Power Weapon
    - Daemonic Flight
    - Bolt of Change
    - (may be adding Chaos Hounds or Thralls, once I have some Daemons the Power Weapon will be Summoning Icon)

    Emperor's Children Havocs with Vet Skill: Tank Hunter [144 pts]
    - Aspiring Champion with Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Melta Bombs, MOS, Daemonic Armor
    - 1 Blast Master
    - 1 Heavy Bolter
    - 1 Sonic Blaster
    - 2 Bolters
    - (will be adding move heavy weapons firday swaping out bolters to the other squads)

    Galang's Squad with Vet Skill: Furious Charge (might change to infiltrate though) [143 pts]
    - Aspiring Champion Galang with MOCU, Plasma Pistol, Power First, Daemonic Strenght, Melta Bombs, Deamonic Armor.
    - 1 Plasma Gun
    - 3 Bolters

    Kojiro's Sqaud with Vet Skill: Furious Charge [130 pts]
    - Aspiring Champion Kojiro with MOCU, Daemonic Mutations, Daemonic Talons, Daemonic Strength, Daemonic Fire, Daemonic Resilence
    - 3 Bolters

    Next troop box I get 4 will be going to each sqaud so it will be 2 sqauds of 9. Since I'll be getting the troop with the Chaos Rhino pack One will get that also. Right now though I'm planing on getting the Lord and 2 more heavy weapons.

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    why all the gifts on the aspirinbg champs and with the new mixed amor rules demonic armor is not realy worth it if the squad gets shot to hell
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    If you're telling us what you already have, it would be better to post in the main Chaos section and let people suggest things. It would be better to post a full army list here, even if it's comprised of what you plan to get but don't actually have models for.

    OK then, Greenbeard made some good points- don't waste time with overly tooled ACs. A simple weapon upgrade will do the trick. Don't waste your time having power fists and d.strength- the difference between S8 and S9 is minute and you won't see a difference. My prefered combo is power weapon and d.strength, but that's because I play Emperor's Children and I don't want to waste Warp Scream. It doesn't just work for EC though- it is a very effective combo generally.

    How many points do you plan on playing to start with? If it's any less than 1500 (which it probably is) then don't take 2 HQ choices. Only once you get to 1750+ really should you take a second. Make sure they don't eat your points either- sticking to no more than 10% of your total points alocation is the general concensus. Not wanting to be found guilty of Appeal to the People, but this is generally though to be the best way forward.

    I dislike not using Marks and squad options to their full potential, so make sure none of those havocs have boltguns. Even the fodder marines should have sonic blasters. Drop the meltabombs on the AC and give him d.strength.

    What you have decided to get will fill your points with a nice solid core. Post a list of what you plan to do and we can help you more.

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