[1500]Death Guard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500]Death Guard

    this army has tended to stand up pretty well against most armys (though i do seem to have a little problem against space wolves)

    Chaos lieutenant(95 pts)
    -daemonic strength
    -nurgle's rot

    7 possessed(287 pts)
    -nurgle's rot
    -rhino with extra armor and smoke launcher

    4 identical squads of 7 plague marines(158 pts each)
    -champ with powerfis
    -1 meltagun

    14 plaguebearers(224)

    7 plaguebearers(112)


    the only problem that I have run into are mainly cc oriented armys(namely space wolves and nids)

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    In that case (these cc-armies) I suggest you just stand and accept their charges (not that you've got much choice vs 'Nids). With True Grit that should be a problem.
    If you'll do that, I suggest you change the meltas into plasmaguns. And rapid-fire a round before they charge.

    The Plaguebearers are perfect also. Summon them on the flank and have them counter-assault. With that -1 to hit Aura, they'll fare more than well.

    One mayor change that might work is dropping the Chosen for 2 more squads of Plague Marines.

    The Lieutenant is just fine.

    But all in all, Death Guard is one of the best armies for accepting charges by such aggresive opponents. (the others being Space Wolves and Space Wolves 13th Company)
    DG is slow without vehicles, excels in mid-range weaponry and has True Grit. Not to forget T5.

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