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    [1500] Alpha Legion (balanced)

    1000 point Alpha Legion

    142 Alpha Legion Lord Satesh- bolt pistol/power weapon, daemonic strength, daemonic mutation, daemonic aura, infiltrate, furious charge, frag grenades, mark of chaos undivided

    210 Obliterators- 3 Obliterators

    199 Alpha Legion Squad- Aspiring Champion Lucian bolt pistol/powerfist, 8 bolt pistol/ccw, infiltrate, furious charge, mark of chaos undivided

    218 Alpha Legion Squad- Aspiring Champion Dante Kaigun, 2 plasma guns, 7 bolters, infiltrate, mark of chaos undivided

    140 Cultists- 20 pistols/ccw, mark of chaos undivided, infiltrate, furious charge, chaos icon

    90 Daemonette pack- 6 Daemonettes

    Total: 1000 points
    HQ: 142 points (14.2%)
    Elites: 210 points (21%)
    Troops: 647 points (64.7%)
    Fast Attack: 0 points (0%)
    Heavy Support: 0 points (0%)

    Veni Vidi Variant
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    list looks nice, just a few things

    -the lord looks a lil expensive
    -oblits will get thrashed, everything infiltrates or is summoned except for them, plus i don't like them under 1500pts
    -i'd give the ccw squad melta guns for tank popping

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    I'd drop one oblit and get a melta or two for the cc squad as well as another couple daemonetts. The more the merrier. Other than that, it looks good. :cool:
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