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    1750 Black Legion RTT

    This is the second version of my army list for a RTT coming up this fall.

    Black Legion Lord Haephestion [161] Bike, Power Weapon, Frag Grenades, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Strength, Furious Charge, Personal Icon

    10 Khorne Bezerkers [300] Bolt Pistols, Khornate chainaxes, Frag Grenades, Furious Charge, Khornate Icon of Chaos,
    1 Rhino [60] Dozer Blades, Extra Armor

    7 Possessed Black Legion Marines [237] Bolt Pistols, Close combat weapons, Daemonic Mutation
    ~ Possessed Aspiring Champion [45] Bolter, Close Combat Weapon
    1 Rhino [60] Dozer Blades, Extra Armor

    2 Obliterators [140]

    8 Bloodletters [208]

    7 Black Legion Marines [142] Bolters, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Infiltrate, Flamer, Autocannon

    Fast Attack
    6 Raptors [271] Plasma Gun (x1); Plasma Pistol (x2), Mark of Chaos Undivided, Icon of Chaos, Tank Hunters
    ~Aspiring Champion [76] Lightning Claw (x2), Mark of Chaos Undivided

    Heavy Support
    5 Black Legion Havocs [218] Plasma Gun (x2), Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Infiltrate, Tank Hunters
    ~ Aspiring Champion [53] Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon

    Total Roster Cost: 1737

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    I could never really figure out why one would put berzerkers into rhinos. Sure they are better protected and its a guaranteed 12" move, but if your berzerkers succumb to blood frenzy, then out they come from the rhino to footslog from there. For 5 more points than the price of the rhino, you could upgrade one of your berzerkers to a champion, give him a talisman of burning blood, and add two more berzerkers to the unit.
    The most efficient combination for havocs is, in my opinion, 4 missile launchers. They can deal far more damage to a squad than lascannon could, and they deal with tanks almost as well. I wouldn't use havocs for anything other than heavy weapons since that is their specialty.
    mixing ranges is a bad thing, and mixing special/heavy weapons is generally a bad idea. Go with 4-6 marines in the havoc squad with 4 missile launchers.
    As for your possessed, I think a squad of bikers or raptors at similar numbers could do the same job better.
    Bloodletters are a solid daemon choice. Daemonettes however, are better and cheaper. But stay with the bloodletters if you can't find a way to get them summoned near CC. Remember though, an icon in a rhino can't be used to summon daemons (another reason to get the berzerkers out of there I think).
    Your CSM squad is a bit confused, trying to do several jobs at once. First thing though, bump the squad up to an even number (morale reasons, or give them an icon to make them fearless). Give it one task. Shooty or assault? For assault keep infiltrate on them, give them bolt pistols and chainswords, and give them assault weapons if you want. An aspiring champion with a power fist wouldn't go amiss either.
    I don't really like plasma. It tends to blow up in my face. That said, take the plasma gun out of the raptor squad. If you fire it, you cannot assault with them that turn. Give them flamers (or melta and make them tank hunters). Be aware that a few unlucky rolls in preassault shooting can take a few of your raptors out before you even reach CC. Definately take the plasma off the champ. He is too expensive to lose to an unlucky roll.
    For 28 points more you could have a daemon prince with daemon flight, stature, aura, armor, mark of undivided, furious charge, as dark blade, and a personal icon. This makes for an overrall better lord with more surviveability. A single lascannon shot or krak missile would take out your HQ. Stature gives him a T of 5, and with a greatweapon in his offhand, he has a combined strength of 8 in CC. Flight would give him movement almost identical to the bike, and it will ignore difficult/impassable terrain for the normal movement phase.

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    gar apart from using khorne units (those guys have no taste all they sound like orks almost "choppa choppa choppa") your list could use a little reworking, lets start from the end with the havoc squad. Now if you are taking a squad of havocs you need to give them a specific role to begin with at the start of the battle you have to know what is is they are there to kill, right now it doesn't look like that at all ( maby they are bipolar? or they could just not get along...) so if its anti heavy infintry the plasma guns might work, relise that if you rapid fire all misses are over heat rolls with maries rapid firing weapons....(http://tsoalr.com/view.php?date=2005-02-24 this is is a pretty godd example) of what can happen! Plus the plasma guns have a shorter range than a missle launcher which is nearly as effective and completly safe granted they yield a kill rate that is lower than the plasma guns but they are safer and have a longer range. With the havoc squad limit them to one weapon type and a few buffer squad members to absorb the fire. Also if you take tank hunter why thake plasma guns? And drop the plasma pistol on the champ ( "HA HA HA I am the a champion of the Chaos Gods Die loyalist scum!!!!" *fires a shot from his plasma pistol* Marine: "Wow... he did the work for us now who wants deep fired chicken?")

    Now with the raptors (hmm i'm begining to sense a theme here...) if you are taking tank hunter melta's suit the roll better me thinks. A well placed melta shot from those suckers will make tanks give off and earthshattering kaboomski, While your raptors kee with pleasure and pull out the marsmellows Flammers will work for if your going to use them for somthing other than tank hunting. Also the cahmpion could use a power fist i love light claws don't get me wrong ( seeing as how i never make a roll to wound) but a powerfist in the unit will give them a little more killing power and more anti tankness if they can get close enough.
    Now here is were your throwing a wierd curve or somthing so far it seems like your completly geared toward marines ( which make sens if your going to a tournament i guess seeing as how marines are like 99.99999% of all armies :o) but you throw in an auto cannon and a flammer....is this because you ran out of plasma gun models or just felt like making sure you have something if you go up against a non marine army or what? Well from the over all sceme of things your a fairly choppy army so i would probally just give them a missle launcher ( much more versitile and dependable) and have them sit back and shoot at lighter units or they could try to ruin some poor tanks day.
    The bloodletters (bit bruttish but they get the job done) are a solid choice again vs marines i don't think they would fair to well vs dark eldar... or some other equally speedy army, still though they are a solid choice against most armies.
    Obliterators are versitile well armored and tough. Kinda hard to not like them. They add a good amount of dakka for their point cost as well. Just make sure you don't get cooky with them as they are fire magnets.
    I think you may be better off leaving the possessed at home they are quite costly and their are other things that can suite the role of choppin thing up better ( you all ready have 3 of em heh heh). Plus if you don't get first turn their rhino could get nailed easliy and that could create you a much uneeded headache. Looking at your army you could do well with adding a little bit more dakka probally. A defiler would be a good addition, good versitle weapon, good armor only down side is it can be fairly costly.
    Like raske said drop the rhino for the zerkers, start them off out of site of behind cover ( they move fast enough as it is and with the rhino they can't assault the turn the bail out what fun is that :mad: ! Add a champ with a good weapon and maby mutation and your set with those boys
    Again with what raske said go with a demon prince sept if you realy want him to move fast ( but sadly you will have to deal with terrain with this) speed. You move 6 plus with the new calv rules fleet d6 change 12 you at least get an extra inch vs flights movement. ( besides what would you shoot your a frickin demon prince) And seeing as how you have nothing os slaanesh.... you could just give him the mark o' khorne add a zerker galive and turn him into a death machince in combat :lol:
    well then good lluck at the tornement
    Rheagar fought nobly
    Rheagar fought valiantly
    Rheagar fought honorably
    And Rheagar died.

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