All below have mark of Chaos undivided

D.essence D.Flight D.mutation D.rune D.stature Bionics Combi bolter ccw Frag Grenades =175

Kaigun PWeapon D.strength Bionics =105

1Possesed X7 D.talons
asp, D.mutation frag grenade
Rhino smoke =278

2Marines X7 bolters 2X meltaguns infiltrate
asp, fist D.mutation D.visage Bionics =191

3Marines X10 CCW
asp, D.strength PW D.visage Servo Arm D.mutation Bionics
Rhino Smoke =288

4Marines X5 Bolters Missile launcher = 85

5Marines X7 2X plasma guns
asp, D.strength D.visage bionics PW=160

6Marines X7 bolters infiltrate
asp, Combi bolter fist =177

7Marines X Bolters
asp, D.Strength D.Visage PW servo arm Bionics =184

8Raptors X5 Infiltrate
Asp,PW D.strength =202

Havocs X5 Tank hunters 4X missile launchers =170

Defiler =150

Vindicator D.Possesion P.possesion Mutated hull dozerblade =200

Basilisk Indirect fire smoke = 128

squads are numbered 1-8
squads 1+3 ride in rhino on one flank supported by either vindicator or defiler lending fire support. 2+6 infiltrate ready to pounce on infantry and armour for there fists and melta/plasma. 8 infiltrates to jump on heavy weapons teams and anything that may slow my advance. havocs take out light/medium armour. ordance large formations/heavy armour. Warsmith is there to anoy units that find it hard to hurt him giving them a good kicking in return. lieutant supports the slow slog forwards with squads 5+7. squad 4 is a cheap missile launcher.

i currently play a 1K army which involes Lieutant squads 5+6+8 defiler and vindicator, i have won more times than i have lost and killed the majority of an ORK force in turn one, i was very pleased:w00t:

hope you enjoy the list DJ87