my local gaming store is planning on a combat patrol league. i cant wait. im having to choose between tyranids chaos tau and imp guard, for which army i use. im leaning towards chaos because the boys need some gory glory.
6 csm Und (bolters) melta 100pts
6 csm Und (ccw bp) plasma pistol, champ w/ pf & bp 119pts
5 csm Und (bolters) heavy bolter 90pts
5 csm Und (bolters) heavy bolter 90pts

this list will probably be using the pf squad as a counter charger and ill advance w/ the bolter squad and hope to rapid fire on something. the heavy bolters will hopefully provided good fire support. i see genestealer sneaking around being scary and things that have range on me w/ out me having range on them as being bad.
thanks for advice and suggestions