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    First EC list, 2k points

    I decided Emperor's Children were the right balance of shooty and assaulty that I was looking for, so here's my first shot at a list. This is basically a "fun" list for now, but bear in mind my usual opponent plays mostly mechanized Tau, so I have added perhaps a little more AV than normal and haven't optimized the cc aspects as Tau get crushed in cc anyway.


    -Chaos Lord, bike, dark blade, daemon armor *main purpose is to turbo to the front lines and drop a daemon bomb or two, then try to assault
    -Keeper of Secrets, doombolt

    2x 12 Daemonettes *da bombs
    2x 11 Noise marines, 2 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster, 8 bp/ccw, infiltrate + free champ w/ powerfist *get these on the flanks and summon in daemonettes or the Keeper
    1x 5 noise marines, 2 sonic blaster, 1 blast master, 1 plasma gun, free champ w/ bolter, tank hunters. *I'll use these as ghetto havocs


    4 noise marine bikers, 2 meltagun, 2 sonic blasters *quick response to big targets


    Defiler, indirect battle cannon, reaper autocannon, heavy flamer
    5 noise marine havocs, 2 auto cannons, 2 blastmasters, tank hunters + free champ w/ bolter

    1998 points, 67 models

    My basic strategy will be to infiltrate (when possible) the 2 main Noise Marine groups and race the bikes along the flank. The havocs, ghetto havocs, and defiler will provide cover in the main firing lanes. Once static targets have been reached, daemonettes and the Keeper of Secrets will get summoned in to shred them. Every unit is capable of taking out transports and hammerheads.

    Suggestions, improvements?

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    consider taking a few minor powers on your demon, i tend to take three so i can shoot for siren and i think its... she who thirsts. Siren helps keep you alive during the taus evil little shooting phase, and she who thrists helps you kill stuff even faster in cc. And give your demon host chains, this is just to insure it comes in when you want it to. If your main purpuse for your lord is a demon bomb a dark blade probally aint worth it, because your only hitting his tanks on 6+s any way your better off taking a fist i think( s8 vs your s6 for the same points plus no chance of loseing control)
    oh and your pretty much set for combat the keepers a beast and deamonettes are just plain mean, well balanced list good luck w/ it
    btw you posted twice
    Rheagar fought nobly
    Rheagar fought valiantly
    Rheagar fought honorably
    And Rheagar died.

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