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    Alpha Legion Army (2000pts)

    Chaos Lord - D Sature, CCW, Dreadaxe, D Flight, D Essence, D Aura, D Resilience, MoU, Spiky Bits 176

    3 obliterators 210

    7 Chosen - Term armour, 4 power fists, 2 chain fists, 2 combi flamers, reaper autocannon Asp sorceror - power fist, ccw, Gift of Chaos 355

    8marines- bolt pistols, ccw MoU, infiltrators AC- power fist 156

    8marines - bolt guns,MoU, infiltrators, 2 plasma rifles 148

    8marines - boltguns, MoU, infiltrators, 2 plasma rifles 148

    20 cultists - infiltrate + furious charge, cult champ with power weapon 135

    20 cultists - infiltrate + furious charge, cult champ with power weapon 135

    Fast Attack
    5 Bikers - MoU, 2 flamers, Asp +Power Weapon + Teleport Homer 215

    Heavy Support
    Dreadnaught - plasma Cannon, daemonic possession 135

    Defiler - Mutated Hull, havoc Launcher 190

    Want u to to give ur best advice please (I know the chosen r a lot but love models)
    Most common enemies are dark eldar, guard and necrons, but want to to be all round 4 all enemies

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    I'm assuming you meant to put those oblits and termies as elites? I can't remember if cultist champs can have 10 or 15pts of wargear. If it's 15, give em powerfists. That way they have tons of wounds protecting the p.fist and it can bring down multi wounded models much easier. Consider giving the infiltrating cc squad 2 meltas. Adds to the firepower and can pop tanks early on. Also, it's up to you, but I'd consider dropping the dread for another large squad of cultists with a p. fist. Once they hit cc, they will do more damage than the dread could. Also, you will have more meat shields for the termies. Hell you could put the cultists in a wide circle, and drop the termies in the middle. Talk about a wall of bodies. I'll leave it up to you.
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    If your sums are correct you seem to be 3pts over 2,000.

    For the Chosen squad, I would definitely buy another Reaper. I love Terminators as well and field a very similar squad.

    Give all your Aspirings Daemonic Visage, it’s a bargain at 2pts each, and can be very useful.

    Give the Dread Extra Armour.

    To recover points you could lose the Sorcerer aspect and his Gift or the Havoc launcher.

    Overall you look a bit light against massed armour, and as NumberoftheBeast said, Meltas would be good.

    Hope this helps

    Lord Ramon

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    First I would like to welcome you to LO, a nice forum where we try hard to avoid webspeak .(Indeed this has now become my quest)

    Your army is good but it could be better, you have been given some good advice already.

    I think you should drop the combi-flamers from the terminators as these evil contraptions can kill those who are in charge-range, and are only useful once. I also notice your termies are all at I1 which is not only good. The power weapon they get for free could be used on atleast two or three models I think, this would save you yet a few points.

    The Defiler should be given Indirect Fire instead of the Mutated Hull and the Havoc Launcher. Another couple of points.

    Though the Dreadaxe seems to good to be true, ignoring ALL saves!?!, it is not. I would recommend the Darkblade or indeed just another CC-weapon.

    Use the "new" points to get another couple of Champs and if possible the two meltas metioned. If you can-do try to get that second Reaper too, they are too sweet...

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