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    1500pts Iron Warriors

    Hey this army is something im putting together at the moment, but would like any advive on anything. I would like to use most of the models i already have and they are in bold. Thanks now.

    Chaos lord: Darkblade, bolt pistol,Spiky bits, D Armour, D Resilience, D mutations, D flight Mocu melta bombs 171

    2 obliterators 140

    2 obliterators 140

    8 Possessed marines- talons 216

    8 Chaos space marines- ccw, bolt pistols,2 plasma pistols, Mocu, Aspiring champion- power fist, bolt pistol 168

    6 marines- lascannon, plasma gun, bolters 109

    Heavy Support
    Dreadnaught- twinlinked autocannons, close combat arm, mutated hull, extra armour 145

    8 havos- 4 heavy bolters, 4 bolters, Mocu 180

    5 havos- 2 autocannons, 3 bolters, Mocu, tank hunter 130

    Basilisk- earthshaker cannon, heavy bolter, 100
    total 1499

    Hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment.

    1500 Iron Warriors
    2000 Biel-Tan Eldar
    2000 Imperial guard
    3000 Dwarves

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    Im not sure if your aiming to fight a particular army or entering a tournament.
    I play Iron Warriors to sit back and shoot as people come to me, i only really need to advance against IG, where i slowly advance under the cover of fire. To me your list looks like it is trying to do both attack and defence.

    Assuming Tourny play.

    I dont like possesed to expensive for my tastes. I would look at replacing this squad with normal marines and add two more marines to the 6 man squad. I also like to give the close combat squad a rhino. Blow a hole in their defences and charge in there and exploit the weakness.

    I not a big fan of 4 heavy bolters unless you are going up against orcs or nids. I think i would replace this squad with a vindicator or a defiler (more pie plates)

    The two auto cannon havoc squad i would add 2 missile launchers.

    Basilisk - Indirect Fire and hide it.

    These changes i think are a little more than the points you have available but as you want to use particular modles i dont know what else to say.

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