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    World Bearers-Combat Patrol(400 pts)

    Well, the Accursed Crozius only takes up 10% of the army points!
    Hmm, if we add the Demagogue ability to that, thats 15%.......

    Updated the list, seems to make sense. löl

    Chaos Lieutenant
    Mark of Chaos Undivided, Dark Apostle
    Accursed Crozius, Plasma Pistol
    Demagogue 125 pts
    5x Chaos Raptors
    2xPlasma Pistols, Flamer 171 pts
    6x Chaos Space Marines
    4x Bolters, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher
    104 pts

    12 models 400 pts

    Last edited by guardian22; February 24th, 2006 at 09:19.

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    I like the list. There isn't anything I would change with the Dark Apostle and Raptors, but the troop squad confuses me. Do you want this squad to be shooty or assualt? If you plan to shoot then drop the champion's powerfist and pistol, give him a bolter and buy another marine. Also exhange the flamer for something else, you could afford this by dropping your Dark Apostle's plasma pistol, or the Aspiring Champion. If you want this squad to assualt trade bolters for bolt pistols/CCWs and get rid of the missile launcher. With the ten points from the missile launcher you could buy another flamer for this squad and upgrade the Raptor's flamer to another plasma pistol. I hope this helps.

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